After what I have been reading

Your clown council is going to screw this up.

You know, I doubt it.

Not that I have such great faith in the council, but I think you're hearing the vocal minority posturing for the people they represent so that when they're ultimately defeated, they can claim the old college try.

This made the full front page of the Sun and that paper had six or seven articles about it. Also, one of the local free daily newspapers reporting about it had a split upper cover. On the left was a Sens player (after the loss to Montreal) and the caption "That's Awful!" and the right had a football player and the caption for it was "That's Great!".

Ultimately, these people have to respond to public opinion if they want to keep their gig and it seems rather upbeat around for this thing.

We'll see.

I hope so,I will be in line for tickets again. But guys like clive and others make me worry.

Dude's only got one vote. I wish I had a better feel for how the others are voting though.

Bob Monette was mentioned during the press conference. He and the mayor are definitely voting "for".