After week 1...

Offensively at least, the teams seem to have separated themselves into 3 ranks.

At the top: Saskatchewan, Montreal, Winnipeg

These teams all scored around 50 points and seemed to be in excellent form. Put the scores up and stepped up when needed.

In the middle: Calgary, BC, Hamilton

These teams scored 25-30 points, did some things well and need some work in others. 2/3 did win which counts for alot.

Bottomfeeders: Toronto, Edmonton

Scored under 20 points, defenses were on the field too long, too many players are still in preseason learning mode.

Defensively of course, you can argue things differently…

Can you say Edmonton's D was on the field too long? I can't remember what the final TOP was, but Edmonton was leading 18:59-11:01 at halftime.

Sadly, the Eskimos haven't shown any progression. Could be a rough start since we've got Mon at home next, and then we travel to Regina and Winnipeg.

I haven't been on for long so two points.
It's about freaking time the CFL is on NFL network, and what a way to start. That Saskatchewan-Montreal game was one of the greatest games ever. Talk about lucky that it was exposed in the USA on NFL network.

The thing about Strasser is ... he's kind of mediocre.

I'm not bashing here, speaking as an Als fan who remembers his work when he was in Montreal. During our good years, he shared OC duties with Doug Berry. The year Strasser flew solo (2006), our offense was not anything to write home about. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great either. With a quarterback like Ray, a stable of excellent receivers, and (finally) a legit feature back in Whitlock, there is no excuse for putting up only 10 points against a revamped B.C. defense.

You don't have to tell me that. I haven't been a fan of him since he took over the offence. You're exactly right. The talent we have on offence, and we couldn't even put up more points than the Argos? :roll:

Esks were flat. and I think that they made the Lions look better then they were. When 1/2 the stadium is leaving with 6 minutes left, there is a problem.

ya the Esks actually surprised me.. I thought they were going to come out much stronger!

I guess they haven't made too many improvements just yet..

they're gonna be 0-2 after next week cause Montreal will be roaring and they won't allow the Esks to do what the Riders did, but keep in mind, the Riders are a much better team.

After the pre-season game, I figured the Lions would be in for a world of hurt. Ray looked like he was in classic form along with much of the Esks. However something changed in those two weeks and Ray spent a fair amount of time on the turf.

Preseason is for evaluating talent, I always laugh at the fans that lose it and jump off the wagon after the preseason if the team performs poorly. I'm not implying you're one of them by the way, just a general statement from reading some posts after bad preseason losses.