After watching the Argo's Als game I've come to a conclusion

that the Ottawa Renegades who are currently in 1st after 8 games can take the eastern division this year and ... could possibly be in BC in November.

Their D is easily top 2 in the league and their style of game is very much smash mouth and playoff style.

The Argo's need Allen and without him it ain't pretty. Montreal is no longer the power they were and Hamilton can't even compete with Winnipeg.

Once Ottawa's O can execute as they did after 3 plays vs Sask, they will be a huge threat overall in the league.

No doubt about it, MM. Any of the top three teams in the east could be in BC in November. Ottawa is playing awesome! Hamilton is going to need a major turnaround to even sniff the playoffs the way they are going. That, in spite of my being an Argo fan, dissapoints me. I'd love to see a four way fight in the East.

That is one of the beauties of the CFL.............even Hamilton, can be in the CUP.

Not if they don't win 1 game...

I think the exprience will still come into play come November. Allen and Cal have been their before many times. Kerry Joseph is going to have to lose some before he gets to the big game. That's not to say Ottawa won't have a home playoff game. I'm just saying, I don't know if Ottawa has what it takes yet. Wait another year when the Argos and Als lose players to retirement. Then it'll be Ottawa's turn.


Defence wins championships and it's the reason Ottawa's in 1st at the moment.

In give away take away the Gade are + something like 24 and they are 13 ahead of 2nd...

Allen is hurt and sooner then latter will have to take some time off. Meanwhile Montreals luster is done and Cal isn't on the same page with his recievers... Experience this!

For your sake MM, you better hope the Bombers dont lay a lickin on your boys next game or your going to need a lot of water to wash down that crow.

Edmonton and Ottawa in the Coupe Grey in November

I agree and thats is why the ARGOS beat Montreal and B.C. win last years GREY CUP............. :wink:

I hope all 16 Ottawa fans don't feel the same way this guy does. Because you will be mighty disapointed when your not playing in the Eastern Final.

I think Ottawa's Cinderalla story may come crashing down to earth soon. They'll definately be in the playoffs, and may even get Home field for the Eastern Semi final. But I think Toronto and Montreal will soon bring them down to earth soon.

The only thing I think that can cause it all to come crashing down is their depth.

I think as long as Ottawa doesn't run into injury troubles they will be a contender in the latter part of the season. But if they get one or two key guys hurt, it will be back to last-year's-ville for Ottawa.

Good Point EskJebus, They've had minamal injuries. Same with BC. BC has only lost Tony Simmonds. Maybe Sask, Edmonton have gotten their injuries out of the way early.

Depth....The magical word.

I like my crow with fava beans and a nice chianti... :smiley:
MM, I'm prepared to eat crow but I'll go hungry this Friday night... sounds like another evening with the team1200 listening live.

I agree with your comments on Damon... 1 really hard hit away.

I guess by your logic of Allen being one hit away must apply for anyone who's been hurt in say the last year. Printers, Cal, Nealon, uhh Joseph. Because if your motive to say Allen is one hit away is because of his age, then look at what he has done so far this year and last year. He's not like any other 42 year old, that is one hit away from the end of his career or season. You guys can go ahead and hope Allen doesn't make it through the year to say I told you so, but the fact of the matter is this...Both The 2004 Grey Cup MVP and CFL Most Outstanding Player of 2003 (And should of been 2004 as well) can beat your Safety Quarterback anyday. This little hot streak that the Gades have gone on won't last. Funny how one little hot streak, and all 30 of you Ottawa fans think your Grey Cup bound. Give me a break! Your no where near the team that Montreal or Toronto are.....and sure as hell no where near the City they are. The Sens suck, and the Gades suck, and they'll always suck. For god sakes your 5-3, not 8-0. Remember how last year started out?

All football players are 1 hit away from being out..............

You can say the same thing about..........A.C..........D.D..........ect.........

Watching Ottawa succeed this year has been a pleasure, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Barring their improbable win against Montreal early (and let’s face it, my Als beat themselves), Ottawa hasn’t won against a legitimate Cup contender like BC, Edmonton or Toronto. THAT will be the real acid test. I still think the Gades, even though they’ll probably make the playoffs, are a year or two away from seriously challenging for the Cup.

One thing’s for sure: the East just got a lot more exciting this year.

Ahhhh yes… the Toronto sports fan speaks up... why doesn't this surprise me??? cause I've learned to ignore them...

First… let me go on record… I have the utmost respect for Damon Allen and his accomplishments... he being a year younger than I, I couldn’t see myself playing in this league with such a target in my hands… the “Wilson F2005�...

But as all Toronto teams seem to do… they tend to open the wallet and buy instead of developing…. “88� should I say any more…but I suspect that at 1.5 mil, a deal even with his over ripen melon, but the Leafs are dumb enough to pay Domi 2.5 over two years but someone had to help the guy out cause he couldn’t sell a sandwich…

My comments are that the Argos are so dependant on Damon (as shown against Montreal) when Bishop was able to muster just 85 yards of net offence… What would the Argos ever do if Damon was to take that hard one? I guess Domi could be available.

I’ve seen KJ take some pretty hard hits I know that Damon couldn’t take. Your entire season balances on the health of Damon Allan just like the Als with AC. White is larger than most CFL linemen I’ve seen and this is not a good thing. Even CBC Sports has questioned Montreal’s depth at QB…

Yes the Gades are 5-3 and why shouldn’t the Gades fan enjoy it… but the Argos are 4-3 and the 26 Argo fans are already talking about a parade route down Yonge Street just like Leaf fans do.

Oh by the way… LEAFS SUCK

lolz..your implyng next year right?

Anywayz, yes! i do agree that the renegades have the potential to represent the East...especially if Allen and Calvillo are both down...i do think that the renegades are playing their best football right now...

i hope the rens meet my lions in bc place...

You seem to do more talking about hockey then you did about football. Lets run through it though. Opening the wallet? Obviously another Ottawa boy whining because your team gets knocked out just about every firggen year by the Leafs. Doesn't matter how bad the Leafs get under the new system, Ottawa will never amount to anything in hockey. The franchise shouldn't even be there. Every fricken team in that city goes bankrupt or has other ownership problems. 2003? Remember? Friggen Presidents Trophy winners, and for most of the year the Sens were filling only 75% of the arena. Awful is you ask me. But wait there's worse. Your little Renegade team. Mr. First Place in the East, who's lucky to break 25 grand a game. Ottawa is a joke of a city, who lives off it's title as the Capital of this fine country. If Ottawa wasn't the capital it would just be another hole in the ground, like Windsor or Sarnia.
As for Kerry Joseph, I don't think after partly tearing his ACL, you'd ever see him come back and lead his team to the playoffs and win a Grey Cup, and Grey Cup MVP.
I'm not saying you can't enjoy it, but to say after starting 5-3, that your already a better team that the likes of the Als or Argos. I know it wasn't you who posted it, but if you disagreed with it, you would should of said something.