After tomorrow...just 2 more Sundays of CFL remaining!

So guys, what are you all going to do after November 25? I'll miss my buddies like Red&White, VoiceofReason, FootbalYouBet, dcmoses, Billy_Soup, and jman135.

I suppose we can keep in touch here on the forums and talk about the Lions 2012 Grey Cup repeat victory in Argo land and how they'll be preparing for a three-peat in Mosaic Stadium in 2013 in SSK during the off-season. I wouldn't mind that at all. :thup:

It will interesting to see what changes take place with the Bombers and the TiCats. Having lead in scoring by a long shot the TiCats have the makings of Grey Cup contenders. They just need to go on Craig's List and advertise for a defensive corp and maybe a D coach while they're at it.

Anyways, we still have a couple of weeks remaining to compare notes, debate, get under each other's skin, speculate, hypothesize, and to reminisce. Enjoy! :rockin:


beagle, speak to your buddies offline if it's that important to you to remain connected to your buddies. :wink: But I guess we won't miss each other, that's for sure. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aren't you just a ********** ray of sunshine beagle. :wink:


Gosh you guys....what was it in my post that upset olives you?lol

.............oh......... I think I know what it was. :oops:

I am here all year long, til I die.

Yes we will be here.
But, but the sporting world will be over for me for six more months.

besides still posting here, I will be into the NFL until the end, and then, hopefully, NHL playoffs.

Oh man…that is too much!! LMHO

I almost died laughing reading that!

I think I'll change my name. :cowboy:

I will watch Packers games and imagine their Eskimo's

I will probably have a hangover on Nov. 26. Just out of spite.

I will listen to the whimpering from Lotusland as Edmonton defeats Calgary on Nov. 25.

Now what will I change my name to?

El Loco Bombero has a ring to it.

might I suggest WhisperofInsanity :twisted:

Nope. Never a whisper, loud and proud!

allright then. ScreamsofInsanity it is :cowboy: :slight_smile: