After Today... 2012 Predictions?

ya sure, it's early not even 2012 yet.. but with all the activity in the past two weeks.. the coaching changes, trades..

give me your first Standings Prediction.


  1. Calgary
  2. Saskatchewan
  3. B.C.
  4. Edmonton


  1. Winnipeg
  2. Toronto
  3. Hamilton
  4. Montreal

seriously BC in 3rd???? and Montreal last??? :roll:


think about it.

if Hamilton gets a QB that can be that QB, and Toronto has Ray… and Winnipeg improves their offense, the Aging Alouettes could be in a bit of trouble!

and you have to remember that B.C. has a lot of changes coming to their roster, including a new HC.

Saskatchewan I predict will have a bounce back surprising year…

I was thinking about this earlier when i found out about the Ricky Ray trade... of course just for fun, its waaayyy too early to attempt to make some real predictions


  1. Toronto 11-7
  2. Hamilton 10-8
  3. Montreal 8-10
  4. Winnipeg 7-11


  1. BC 12-6
  2. Saskatchewan 10-8
  3. Edmonton 9-9
  4. Calgary 5-13

My predictions for 2011 went something like this


  1. Hamilton 11-7
  2. Montreal 10-8
  3. Winnipeg 9-9
  4. Toronto 6-12


  1. BC 13-5 Grey Cup victory
  2. Calgary 11-7
  3. Edmonton 8-10
  4. Saskatchewan 4-14

I'd wait till after all coaches are hired, after free agency and wait till after draft to do this sorta post cause theirs gonna be a million of them come June but I know how you feel I wanna make predictions too but to early for me.

Sorry to be "that guy" but this is absurd. How can anyone even pretend to make a guess when 2 teams still don't have head coaches, we still haven't hit free agency and oh we're still about 5 months from training camp :lol:

Definitely too early to make these kind of predictions; once we know the Head Coaches, each team situation with its potential free agents etc,then I will make predictions.The Argos have not bought the 2012 Grey Cup with the addition of Ray/ + $200,000 to their SMS. Some of their potential free agents may have to settle for lower salaries,to accomodate Ray; furthermore,their offensive line and receivers will have to improve. Both their offense and defense were last,in terms of stats,in 2011. Ricky Ray alone will not bring a major improvement to all the stats.

I am surprised that every year,the same persons keep talking about the aging Alouettes; as if the only team where players are aging; like all other teams, older players go and younger players come; yes,Calvillo is 39 but there are 45 other players on the active roster.

At the end of 2011 season,the Als players averaged 27.8 years,Riders players 27.6 years and one of/if not the youngest team,the Bombers, averaged 26.7 years. Not too much difference.


So you're basing your predictions on stuff that could happen, not stuff that has happened? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Based on how silly this is, I predict after a 18-0 season, the Ottawa RoughRiders will win the Grey Cup! :smiley:

There is no way the Ottawa team is called the RoughRiders. Two versions of the name are more than enough. :cowboy:

It's just a possible pre-season standings result by cflisthebest. :slight_smile:

A week-old thread on 2012 predictions and nobody's mentioned the Mayans yet?

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Enlighten PiCat; come on man :stuck_out_tongue: sheesh

thought they werent joining until 2014

Kind of cool that the world ends after the 100th Grey Cup. :smiley: