After this game, Esks need to look at player and personnel..


who on that team, both players and coaches/management needs to go?

whether it is now or in 3 weeks or at the end when the final gun goes..

I for one believe Campbell has gotta go.

Hall will likely get fired. and I beleive Lalacheur has to go as well.

This thing has to be blown up and just like John Candy used to say, real good. The year is finished.
Eric Tillman must be hired as the GM and then he will bring in his own man as the coach.
How about Danny Barrett?

who did the esks last beat again???

I am really gonna laugh if this esks team beats the riders in the playoffs 8)

I luv Danny Barrett , but seriously Danny Barrett hahahahah

get a life.. seriously.

I know the Riders have issues too but they're definitely much better at 6-3 than the Esks at 2-7

Durant needs to play well for this team to do well.

BUT we're NOT talking about the Riders so STAY ON TOPIC ok?? :roll:


the Esks will need to make some serious changes if they plan to be back for a serious run in 2011 or 2012.

He knows the league?
How about Scott Milanovich or Dave Dickensen?

Or maybe they just met a hot Calgary team. Calgary is a powerhouse thus far. Will it continue? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Lawrence Gordon needs to go for one, he sucked here and he sucks there.Everybody just assumes because he's fast he can play.Barnes and Kirkland suck, try trading them.Rector is a good backup.Your DE's are non existent.Kelly Campbell needs to spend a day with a football taped to his hands.Fred Stamps needs to hurry up and heal :wink:
The OC needs to be a little more creative/effective.No, not talking about that weird formation they used a couple of games ago lol.I mean on basic plays, they're so vanilla they hardly ever have WR's wide open.Employ some trickery.Hall, stop clapping and patting guys on the back.If they're playing bad football, get up in their face and let em' have it.DO NOT let them walk all over you, DO NOT let them think they can make huge mistakes/penalties and just laugh it off on a quiet trip back to the bench.

It's been 7 years of horror with the Raiders and now the Esks are just as bad :x

At least the Esks still have a quarterback they can believe in, but the rest of the team is just pathetic. Including the coaching staff since they can't motivate these guys. Maybe they got all uppity with the new locker room digs.

New GM, new head coach, and they might as well start the taxi squad of players now. Pull a couple of trailers up to the stadium and make them dress in there until they prove they want to play. I've had it.

Do you not see the contradiction in your post?

If they "suck", who would trade for them?

Rome wasn't built in a day. Rebuilding an organization after years of bad management doesn't happen overnight. Firing Maciocia was the right move but a move that will pay dividends in the long term provided they hire a good replacement. At the moment, the on-field product is going to suck regardless of how many coaches are fired or players cut. However, now would be a great time to hire a new GM and have him immediately make a decision on the coaching staff: whether Hall & co. stay or a new group comes in, you want the men in charge to benefit from a half-season of pure player evaluation -- deciding who stays and who goes, which schemes suit which players, etc.

To be clear: the goal is no longer making the playoffs or putting together a winning streak, but laying the foundation for a competitive Esks team next season. The team could go 2-16 and it would still be a victory if they're able to assemble a good group for the 2011 season.

Add to this the goal of not embarassing themselves like yesterday.

fire hall, cut campbell.
that easy!
this season is a wash, so just put the pieces in place for 2011.

Who's gonna make the decision about who stays and who goes? They need to hire a GM first. The sooner the better. Don't turn this into an Al Davis fiasco where the owner plays GM and coach. Get a good football mind in charge now and let him start making decisions about the future.

I am really gonna laugh if this Lions team makes the playoffs 8)

They don't even have an owner. Firing Maciocia (Who they are still paying for 2 more years) while he coach's minor ball for free is as stupid as stupid does. They should have left things alone till the end of the season. The only purpose this accomplished was to give some meat to the fans to chew on.

bring back Tom Higgins

The guy who hired Danny Maciocia in the first place... uh, no.

  1. Re the Underlined part... are you on crack? The team is community owned. There is a Board of Directors who are in charge on behalf of the team's stakeholders. That IS ownership.
  2. Much of the problems the Esks are experiencing come from the personnel decisions Maciocia made. Better to cast him aside and go with the 3 guys they have all chipping in as a GM 'team'.
  3. fired coaches and cut players often have contracts left to oblige. Nothing new about having to swallow that. Its part of the business of sport. In this case Maciocia was deemed expendable in that he was not fulfilling his role and his salary seen as an acceptable loss. What's so stupid about that?

They've got whathisname the President (or whatever). The guy who fired DM. General management by committee is just ridiculous. It will be the (continued) ruin of this team if they go with that philosophy.