After the XFL debacle, should we think about US Expansion?

All right, I will refrain on this topic alone from laughing at the latest XFL explosion and bankruptcy filed today.
That's not bad though 2 leagues in less then one calendar year.
Who saw that coming, everyone who knows better and most of us here on the boards.
Ok that promise did not last long.
But here is my serious question, once this pandemic is in the rear view mirror and we come back to some state of normalcy, should the league seriously think about US expansion.
I have said many times before at least 2 strategically located cities near our border with no other professional team would be ideal.
One in the west and the other in the East.... let's say Maine and one of the Dakotas in the West.
We request a minimum $50M fee with $25M held in trust and a season ticket base of 20k guarantee for the first three years.

Be the same problem as last time with respect to American/Canadian ratios. Can’t require American teams to start “foreign” workers over Americans.

Yes, we should. What could possibly go wrong?

To quote Epstein, "the definition of persistence is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

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That's the definitions of insanity but your point is bang on

Yes we should. St.Louis will support a football team. I’d start right there. And i agree there must be 2 US teams to enter at once.

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I'm not sure Epstein said that :slight_smile:


It wasn't Epstein, it was Horshack

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Good ole Epstein. A brilliant mind, and apparently a source of memorable quotes.

He has come a long way since his days with the Sweat Hogs.

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He is dead bla bla bla posts must be 20 characters long

make that Sweathogs. Like Roughriders.

Ironic that his behavior seems to fit the quote.

Let's hope we can salvage Halifax's position after this is behind us .

Need them in the East .

St Louis would be a good spot, 45k tickets were already sold a week before their next home game. While putting a team in Seattle would be silly, it may make sense to do some advertising in that market at least. With arguably the XFL worst team, they still averaged 25k fans

Here is a thought. First the owner of the NHL Carolina Hurricanes. Goes to bail out the AAF with 300 million dollars. Then pulls out.
Then Vince puts up 500 million or whatever and the XFL goes down.
Why not invest those 100s of millions into building and owning a stadium in Halifax and partnering SSE.
an NHL owner owning a cfl team in halifax.
WWE owner people still love it in canada & US.
The possibilities of dual promotions are endless.

Unfortunately Both of those guys were investing to turn millions into billions .

It was not about enjoying the game as an owner like we have in the CFL where there is little profit .

Thats a good point. However, Carolina Hurricanes owner paid 450 Million ! To get the rites to operate their hockey arena.
For that him an vince could build and own a 30 K seat Domed. Retractable arena.
Now thats turning millions into billions.

So the goal is turn bad investments from millions to billions by taking part in a very expensive vanity project in Halifax?

People are talking about CFL expansion in US cities. Wouldn't it be better for an NHL or WWE owner to own a team and the venue actually in canada?

I'd be a little leery of turning billions into millions on that project. :smile:

Very true. I was supposed to go to that game. When I was trying to buy tickets on Ticketmaster I kept getting tickets purchased right out from under me. After several attempts, I finally was able to purchase them. St. Louis is a solid market. The way the community stepped forward for the BattleHawks surprised many people, myself included. Going forward, I would like too see us get a team in an established league, and there's only 2 of those.