After the Super Bowl, NCCA, or Grey Cup

What do football fans do in the off season?Man after sunday i will have nothing too do until the The Ohio State spring game?

Watch the NLL.

Feb/March is a dead time of year....until the NHL playoffs start, which almost get you through to the start of the CFL season.

i haven't watched football since the Grey Cup. sometimes, when im really itchin for football, i go to and re-watch the grey cup online.

in the summertime, my every thought is with the CFL, so it is nice to get back to my own life for a few

Western Hockey League......... Those kids work harder in one period than the NHL players do in one week.

Kamloops Blazers!
Vancouver Giants!
Chilliwack Bruins!

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

I have so many sports to follow that I hardly miss the CFL. In fact, I barely have enough time to follow all my sports after the CFL. I have the Raptors and Lakers in the NBA. The Oilers and other Canadian teams in the NHL. The Colts and Giants in the NFL. The Knights in the OHL.

Did I miss anything? :lol:

I have Canada Night at a Warriors/Suns game coming up in early February, in which me and two friends get court side seats for the warm up, and decent game seats. Plus some other goodies. I'm hoping I can get a picture of me with Nash and Shaq :smiley:

After that it's time to start watching hockey in earnest.

I've got the shakes.

...WHL and Midget AAA hockey takes up some of my time in the CFL off-season - get to go out and support the students, which is always a good, I occasionally support them at their school tournaments and such...and winter is a busy time playing chauffeur to children who are involved in activities as well...I scarcely miss football when it's not on, but enjoy it when it's back...

Let one's wife (or husband) have the clicker in the off season.

You can watch "Fried Green Tomatoes" or "Emma" together till her heart's content (actually pretty good movies for chick flicks).

Over 12 years ago, my girlfriend at the time took me to the movie "Emma" and the theatre had about 200 people there of which I was the ONLY MAN in the house.

But you can do what any decent Canadian does "WATCH HOCKEY."

For sports, I tune into more hockey and some Raps basketball, I can't get into lacrosse. I also like golf, especially on Sundays the final round and see who will win.

LMAO. I would have played popcorn surprise or something.

Just totally forgets about the best team in the WHL - the Pats.

And I watch the NBA. I am really in football withdrawal right now though.

The Pats??? Is that the team behind the Calgary Hitmen? :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: