After the NFL London game

After the NFL London game in front offs a crowd of 81,179 of a new 90,000 stadium. From, some British spectators said:

«"The speed in which such a large number of tickets were snapped up ... demonstrates the great excitement and appetite for the game in this country," said Alistair Kirkwood. The only reason the tickets sold so fast is because people want to see the new wembly stadium, which is quite possible the best in the world. » Default08.

«I don't blame them; Europeans must be desperate for some real sports. Seriously though, the Dolphins and the Giants? I wouldn't even waste time watching that game on TV.» Contico

«lol wait till they find out it is a nancy boy version of rugby with padding, and game is only played for a few minutes while there are no commercials» Defex.

«While I find soccer quite boring, wathcnig american footbal is like watching paint dry. i heard once that a study was undertaken measuring the time the ball was in play in american football, and for each quater it is in blay only for a average of approx 1.5mins = = = =. At least soccer has pretty much constant action. Now if you want a real mans sport go watch rugby union (or, shudder, league the mungos sport) where the hits are bigger than in the NFL and they DONT wear padding (well nothing like the nfl padding and def no helmets)» Macca84.

«American Football, obviously is a sport that's meant to be experienced here stateside not somewhere else. Actually I'd tell anyone who is a fan of American Football to go catch a College Football game rather than the over hyped professional version. There's nothing I'd rather do on a Saturday than watch College Football.» Pennvneff

«Wait, I thought British folk only liked the good form of football.» Iamanalog.

«Man are those 40,000 people going to be pissed when they learn they bought tickets for the wrong kind of football» walefarnerjohn.

Read this:

«Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder has admitted not knowing people speak English in London. He admitted he did not know until now where London was - or that Londoners spoke English. "I couldn't find London on a map if they didn't have the names of the countries," he said. » Sky News oct.26, 2007.

He went to the University of Florida…

...and majored in Geography.

NFL Europe didn’t make it over the long term. So what angle is the NFL playing at? Selling jerseys? :cowboy:

As a European (Irish) I was pretty pissed off with the direction NFL Europe took in its later stages,might as well have been NFL Germany. But personally I think the NFLs future plans for Europe will be very successful.

81,000 is huge its good too see them pull it off usa football player playing rugby they would kill somebody.....not know where london is who cares americans have 50 states and he makes millions of be honest america is the center of the world for most americans can have the european union,african union,asian union,south american union,china,and anywhere else in between nothing beats the united states of america!!!!!

Canada beats the US hands down every time!

81,000 tickets may have been sold, but I highly doubt there was that many people actually at the game. I saw some large sections completely empty the few times I flipped channels to check out the snooze fest. Was there any buzz in London for this game? What about the sports pages? The NHL games just a short while ago were buried in the back of the sports sections, if even mentioned at all from what I heard.

I think alot of people left because of the rain, I watched the whole thing and the stadium was full at the beginning

From the NY Giants site

«Wow, the NFL has a propaganda machine that rivals the days of the Cold War.

All the players, coaches and announcers were scripted to say this whole London fiasco was a great success. Here is the truth.

  1. The game was terrible and boring. Under sloppy conditions no one could showcase their true talents.

  2. The field was inappropriate for football and dangerous. We are lucky no one was seriously injured.

  3. The fans were as dull as the game. No cheering, no sound out of 90,000 people. Interview them and I think you will hear them say that American football lacks action, is boring and they just don't get it.

  4. Even though the announcers said that no one was leaving, when the cameras panned the stadium, thousand of seats were empty.

  5. The Giants won a game by a field goal that they would have won by 17 points if it had been played in Miami. They survived a greedy NFL experience and we are lucky to have the win under ridiculously adverse conditions. Roger Goodell has blundered. I am sure no other NFL team is rushing to sign up for this ridiculous experiment.» NY Giants, London Experiment,

«If the grand plan was for the NFL to show the exciting and physical nature of America’s favorite sport, consider this weekend a gigantic failure. Instead, tens of thousands of Londoners laid witness to just how boring the NFL can be» NY Sports Day, Ben Sanshez October 29, 2007

Yeah Crowder is a total dumbass

I am sure no other NFL team is rushing to sign up for this ridiculous experiment.
In fact the the Bills have said that they are more than willing to play a number of games overseas.

It wasn't that bad to be honest but I admit the game wasn't very exciting. The reason why these teams were chosen was because they have a high profile in the UK,particularly the Dolphins as they are the NFL team with the biggest UK fanbase. It was just a pity that the Dolphins are crap and yes the Giants should have played better. You could hardly expect anyone to say it was a flop on TV or the web.

Just keep in mind people that you don't always hit the bullseye with the first shot and I do think the international series will be successful in the future based on the success of the previous American Bowls.

You forgot the fiasco of the NFL Europe after 16 years. So it's not the first time.

I agree with both points. From what I saw the field was one giant mud puddle by the end. That's just ridiculous.

And an analyst on another show was making fun of the fans because at one point they were doing the wave. :lol:

I wouldn't put the NFL in the same area as NFL Europe. People who are football fans actually didn't attend NFL Europe games because they didn't consider it "the real thing" which probably killed the leagues chances. It's pretty weird considering the attendance at the London game last week and the poor attendance at London/England Monarchs games back in the day. Although they never had a winning record so I guess that played a part and also had terrible management.

I wouldn't consider NFL Europe a fiasco, at first, when England and Scotland were closed I stopped watching because it obviously became about money and not promoting the game,5 f'n German teams, I mean c'mon. The success of Frankfurt and Rhein were put down to good "power parties", alot of the fans didn't care who won or lost.

But everything about NFL is about money. They try in Europe real bad 16 years x 30 millions deficit per year. They have a lot of money for propaganda. NFL Europe was playing the same style of football as the NFL. That was the real problem, the SHOW. When you pay good money for a show you expect to be entertained not to fall asleep.

What's been proved is each country has their own culture and it's hard to change what you've grown up with. Americans hate hockey and think it's boring.
North Americans hate soccer and rugby and would say it's terrible. Usually it's hard to get into a game you know nothing about

That game was terrible and boring even for the Americans fans and medias.

And....for most of his time there thought he was in.....Kentucky!

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