After the Game ... Stamps vs Refs

The league has confirmed the investigation and an announcement of discipline is expected:


No not vindicated. This is still rumour, but I think that this is a valid topic and should be talked about, Rod pedderson is a very respected member of the media and while this still should be seen as rumour, I don't see it as something that should be locked.

Perry Lefko's take:

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...very bad form on the stampeders behalf....hopefully is was Calvin Bannister #19 that was the culprit...if he goes our defensive backfield improves even without a replacement....

Still ticked about that game against the Eskimos, eh, red. :lol:

Personally, I'll wait for the league to announce its findings before I condemn anyone. Though I a little curious as to what the coach did that was so bad...

me too… about what the coach did… Altho, looks like just fines… bummer…LOL… (kidding)

There are reports that the refs let a time count violation penalty slide on the last play of the game. The ruling on the short kick was made correctly, but there were still some tempers to be served over it.

Neither of which seem reasonable cases to be beaking at the officials all the way across the field, or to get into pushing and shoving.

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The Leader Post article has been updated:

Rulings as to discipline will be announced tomorrow morning. Hufnagel contests that it never got physical, contrary to earlier reports.

Now you've been vindicated. Something for sure occurred, the only question is what if any disciplinarian actions will be taken.

I wouldn't be surprised if this type of thing doesn't occur more often if the locker rooms are across the hall from one another. Have never heard of anything previously though. If it was only verbal than it wasn't that big of a deal.

Marty York reports that the CFL has disciplined the Calgary players involved in the altercation. His reliable source reports that the guilty Stamp players will be made to read 4 hours of Kanga's threads regarding the Action Point and Expansion to Alaska and Hawaii. John Hufnagle was also quoted that with punishment like that handed out, his players will NEVER breach any CFL conduct rules again.

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I dont care if if was only verbal, the worst 2 or 3 offenders should be permanantly banned from CFL stadiums, fields and seats. Inexcusable behavior. Glad I am not a stamps fan, tho I did wish Hufnagal well. No way should the league let any type of official harrassment go without severe punishment. Verbally assaulting a ref is worse than physically assaulting another player in my books.

Wow that's pretty severe punishment there FYB.

Without knowing what actually happened I certainly will not pass judgment... but then again its not up to me anyway.

I just think that's a little overboard, in fact I can't see any player getting suspended over it, fines will probably be all that happens IMO.

And I'm glad I'm not a ref.

Toronto, ON - (October 7, 2008) - The Canadian Football League (CFL) announced today that it has fined members of the Calgary Stampeders for confronting and verbally abusing on-field game officials after they had left the field following their Friday, October 3 game against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Stampeders defensive line coach Cornell Brown was fined $2,500.

Stampeder players Brandon Browner and Dwight Anderson were also fined undisclosed amounts for their involvement in the confrontation.

"We hold our teams, and in particular our coaches, to a high standard, especially when it comes to respect for our officials who are so integral to our game," said CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon.



those two guys should have been suspended for at least 1 game!

That is a bunch of crap!

These guys who did this should have been suspended! at least 1 game.. possibly more for their actions!

I think the CFL was not harsh enough on the Stampeders for their very stupid display!

this is not suitable! Fines are hardly worthy of punishment.

In fairness, it was verbal abuse of officials, not physical abuse; and we don't know who said what, so it's hard for us to say that the punishment wasn't enough.

The league just last week instituted a rule that would allow them to suspend someone for a blatant attempt to end someone's career and possibly affect the quality of their life. In that context, suspending them for mouthing off is a bit extreme.

It is hard to judge when we're not sure what was said. I don't really think a fine is going to prevent anyone from doing it again if they're upset. If there was a second incident then a suspension might be justified although probably wouldn't happen. I think Hufnagel will have to be the guy who makes sure his guys know that can't happen.
Maybe if they knew the rulebook they wouldn't have been so upset at the call.

I agree. The call on the onside kick was correct, though I can see how it can cause confusion. I wasn't sure about it myself when it happened. (I can't see the argument being about the non-call on the time-count violation, since if I'm not mistaken the Riders were running out the clock, and with only a couple of seconds remaining they could have ended the game on the next play anyway.)