After the Game on Field Experience

As for something positive last night....
My family loved going on the field after the game. It was very well run and an amazing experience.
My one son said it made up for the loss and he will never forget it.
A very special thank you to;
#29 Jackson Bennett
#93 Conner McGough
#80 Terrence Toliver ( man is he tall)
for coming out on the field and signing things for my kids and taking photos with them. You were all very patient, gracious and friendly and my family is excited to go to another game or two this year.

Cool to hear. We'd all prefer for the team to win, but it sounds like those players still managed to leave your kids with some great memories.

That's awesome, should help create some fans for life.

I kinda want to do Families on the field, but I'm 24 and have no kids :stuck_out_tongue:

bring a friend? pretend its your sibbling? i dunno man, just go, its fun