after six weeks

the bottom 4 teams have all their few wins against each other.

pretty dam hard to have an accurate ranking of them

yes ham beat wpg, but the overall points for and against diferential is +60 to wpg, for what ever that is worth.

ed and bc have 1 less win than the other two, but that is because the played 1 more game against a top for team.

not sure I have seen this situation before.

Hamilton beat Winnipeg twice now did they not? They've played more consistent the past few games, I think of all the teams with losing records they have the best shot of turning it around. Winnipeg has played everyone tough so you really have to give them some credit, I think they'll hover just below .500 with Jyles as their QB.

Good points Dust, I think I agree with you that Hamilton is better positioned to move up than are either BC or Edmonton. When Pierce returns for the Bombers, we're going to have quite the battle in the East for 2 playoff spots between them, Hamilton, and Toronto. . . I doubt we'll see a western team crossover this season. Heck, if neither BC nor Edmonton pull their socks up, there may even be an Eastern team crossing over to the West, wouldn't that be something?

I was saying the same thing earlier. I think an East crossover is more likely at this point.

That would be crazy, but right now if the playoffs started today it would be:


  1. Calgary
  2. Saskatchewan
  3. Winnipeg


  1. Montreal
  2. Toronto
  3. Hamilton

I'm probably going to sound like a homer, but I would like to point out that the Cats have played (and lost) at Saskatchewan and at Montreal. Not many teams go to those places and get wins. In fact, Saskatchewan and Montreal couldn't win in Montreal and Saskatchewan. So while the Cats are 2-4, they have played, arguably, their two hardest games already. Aside from the Als and Riders, has anyone else played in both places? I'm not entirely sure, but I don't think anyone has, but please correct me if I am wrong.

well, that does help explain the huge point differential between ham and wpg.

Slightly related, I am so happy the Riders are done with the Als for the rest of the year.

With all the new players at skill positions this year, it is understandable that some teams are spinning their wheels. Give them time to get up to speed.

I'm not. I hope the schedule makers have them play each other 9 times next year. It's a lot better football then watching the Als paste everybody else. :stuck_out_tongue: :cowboy:

Funny, I'm happy the Als are done with the Riders this year! :smiley:

'Course, there's the possibility of the playoffs... :cowboy: