After Saskachewan, who sells the most team merchandise?

After Sask, which team sells the most merchandise e.g. jerseys, tees, hats, memorablila? Would it be Edmonton?


I'll rephrase... ater Saskachewan, which CFL team sells the most merchandise? :cowboy:

take away any team with a competing NHL team, and any team in Ontario, and, you are left with winnipeg.

I mean really, what else are they gonna buy? :wink:

Heard on Vancouver Team 1040 that the Lions sold the most jersey ever this year.

I believe last year candaian merch sales went:
Toronto Maple Leafs
Montreal Canadians
Saskatchewan Roughriders
Edmonton Oilers
Toronto Blue Jays

I also know that for every dollar spent in 2009 on CFL merch that 54 cents (54%) was on Riders stuff.

As for the comment on the Bombers being next...well, in 2009, they actually LOST money on merch sales due to inventory management (ie, they have a pile of marketing into players that were no longer there). I believe the Bombers lost 1.2 million in 2009, including 138 000 in merch.

I believe after the Riders it goes Esks, BC, Hamilton, Stamps, Als, Bombers, Argos for merch sales...but that is from a few years back.....sorry.

The Jays? Really? :o

Does that Shock you? I see a lot of blue jay hats in Toronto these days.

I'll second that..

The Jays also appeal across the board in terms of fashion. They benefit from merchandise that appeals to even non-sports fans. You'll find 80s and 90s themed Jays apparel on hipsters and the more recent stuff in the hip-hop crowd.

It is a little surprising considering the Jays' struggles of late...

Not entirely. Certain sports brands sell regardless of how the team may do or if people even like the sport itself. The Yankees logo is on everything. You'll even see a healthy helping of current Expos garb in Montreal where there isn't even a team anymore. The same goes for the Jets and Nordiques merchandise.

If only teams other than the Roughriders could do the same in the CFL.

you would think that the Alouettes would be higher up that ladder.

From what I have been told by people I work with that are from the region, is that often Montreal teams (except for maybe the Canadiens) have a hard time drawing support from outside the city limts. In fact, many hate them, just because. They said that if you were not from Montreal, chances are you would be cheering for the other team.

I was always shocked that TO was the lowest. I know they don't sell the most tickets, but still. That is the 3rd largest market in NA (not including mexico)

Yeah funny how that works. Baseball is the least hip of any of the sports, yet it's very fashionable to wear a baseball cap. You see it in every rap/ hip hop music video.

As Jay-Z said, he made the Yankee hat more famous than a yankee can.

Also related: ... th-the-cfl
New Era is on board with the CFL for hats.


The amount of personalized merchandise that is pre-made for the Bombers is a pretty small percentage of their total inventory. Merchandise sales were down compared to 2008 but there would not have been many jerseys or shirts that were pre-made that would need to be thrown out.

The Bombers did lose $1.2 million in 2009 of which $1.1 million was for severance and restructuring costs.

That's one thing that's always annoyed me about the Yankees. Wearing Yankees gear is more of a fashion statement than a show of support. :roll:

can you imagine if people took to wearing football helmets everywhere :slight_smile:

HAMILTON, look at the success of TIGER TOWN at Grey Cup !!

Hamilton has there own line of merchandise that is made by an independent co. that is not included in the Rebok stats.

They sell a hell of a lot, they have deals all the time, Rebok is too expensive !!

hehee.. hip hop stars begin to wear football helmets.. WITH the cage! :lol:

Jay-Z is totally full of what I release every day at home... :x