After mondays game Eskie fans

You can kiss this! ha ha ha ha

What is your take on the up coming game?

My take is a netural one. Edmonton's league best D versus Calgary's high flying offense will equal a 30-30 tie.

high flying offence, riiiiigggghhhhttt, lets jsut say the 4-5 STAMPS, will become 4-6, to the 6-3 ESKIES

Edmotmon has not allowed a 100 yard rusher this year. That spells a lot of trouble to for the red and white. I think that redwhite2005 is kissing his a$$ goodbye. 35-18 esks

5 words for u. henry burris and jermaine copeland.

I'd take Ricky Ray and Jason Tucker over Burris and Copeland any day.

I say 28-17 for the Esks.

Pulling a Howard Dean there with his 3 word slogan "We Can Do Better". That's 6 words Stamp fan.

Pulling a Howard Dean there with his 3 word slogan "We Can Do Better". Thatoooh I guess someone had to say it...

Well you better not the bed there Esks because both the bombers and riders need to make up some ground on the stumpies.

From what I hear Copeland might not be playing because of a twisted ankle. We will get to see that loser Burris without his #1 guy. He couldn’t win a game without Dominquez last year in Riderville, and he won’t be able to win against the Esks.

Hopefully Edmonton beats Calgary twice so the Riders can get back into the playoff run and kick your a** out of the playoffs for the second year in a row.

Go Eskimos!!!

High flying offence.. Burris and Copeland, who has a twisted ankle.. Healthy Ray, Healthy Tucker, add Mitchell, Ralph, Cavil even Gaylor, oh and the leagues best D. Poor stamps... using burris and high flying offence in the same sentence.. you are a funny funny man.

No body can win for rider nation what are you a joke!

obviously we can since we kicked your a** out of the playoffs last year. remember that game, thats why you fired your coach. why don't you bring in some more star players, you will still never beat B.C.


Yeah, like the Esks have never beaten BC before.


And don't get flattered over your Riders - the Esks fired Higgins because the whole team underachieved, not because a close loss in the playoffs against a mediocre Rider team on a hot streak.

Okay thats get this straight you a rider fan has a team that is in a slump now and you have no faith in right. So now you want to use another team. Him very mature my dad is bigger then your dad syndrome. Look there is no team that can not be beaten. Tell me if the Riders get trounced again Oct 23, 2005 are you going to disappear like other rider fans that planned the parade in April. Read the thread Rider bashers the fans we stated that are hurting the good rider fans that is you my friend. If I was a rider fan I would be emarassed with your posts. And the only reason you beat an eskimo team last year is you had a good QB on your team. I am going to keep this post for when the Stamps do beat BC in the future and I will PM you to show you how dumb your post was. But then again I do not think you would still be able to figure that out.

the labour day game is almost upon us here are some game predictions

hank gets his smile knocked right off his face by montford and jeanty

reynolds gets wrapped up for so many losses that he will be averaging 2 yards a carry

Calgary's secondary gets riped apart by ray tucker mitchel

Edmonton's running game is still non existent but the pass is enough to win

brock calls brett to congradulate him on his 1st labour day loss

good speling. anyway no of that will happen because calgary will own deadmonton.

I cant wait to repost this in your face after labour day! Stamps haven’t “owned” a team in the last 3 years.

what about saskatchewan this year?

I’m kind of glad their will be no colour commentary for Mondays game so i will be able to get a full feel for the stumps fans disappointment on Monday