After Hamilton went 5 - 13 last year...

Would you believe me if I told you at the start of the season that they would finish with an even worse record this year?

I certainly wouldn’t have believed it.

me either

How many of us saw them in the Grey Cup game? Raise your hands folks, we can dig your old posts to shove it up your face if we feel like it.

I expected much more from Hamilton in 06. They had good players on their team...but they just could not get it together.

I certainly never thought they would stumble like they did, but then I did not think they would panic and fire the head coach either.
I'll ask another question.
Who thinks that firing the coach was the worst decision they made this year?
I'll remind everyone that while 0-4, they had only, I believe, played 1 home game and were in every ball game.

Anyway I am not a Jason Maas fan--in fact I think he is arguably the worst starter in the league, and so when they made the "big" trade, I openly speculated that that did not make them much better than with Danny Mac, if at all.
But I still thought they were play-off bound.
Of course I also picked Winnipeg to make the play-offs which means I saw either Montreal or TO out.

Mea culpa...after the Maas trade, I expected the league to cancel the season and mail the Grey Cup to Hamilton.

Two things I can't figure out about my Cats:

  1. That Maas had a shoulder problem that was that significant. Someone in the Cats organization should have known this.

  2. The guy would be homesick since his wife and family is staying in Edmonton as she has a business out there. Someone in the Cats organization should have known that this guy couldn't handle being away from his wife, it seemed.

A messup in the Cats administration.

...if its true about Maas and his injured shoulder...etc... i think the Cats' got skinned....Lancaster...who knows the quarterbacking game pretty good....stated that Jason will have a short career in this league because of his hearing that ...and if i was a Ti-Cat fan....i would be more than just a little skeptical of the deal ..and would wonder why...a little more in-depth thought and research, didn't take place before the trade...Maas looks terribly lost without Danny and Ricky.....and i don't see him as a Ti-Cat for very much longer....just my thoughts.... :roll:

I think people are just making excuses for Maas. Again pointing out that I never thought he was more than an adequte back-up, but I don't see any injuries he has had this year being worse than Kerry Joseph's knee, Damon Allan's finger, knees, back, etc., or Kevin Glenn's knee, or Dickinson's multiple problems, and the list goes on.
Yet those teams all found ways to win, and those QBs find ways to get it done on the field.
I won't put all of Hamilton's woes at Maas' doorstep, but I will reiterate that Danny Mac was not the problem last year, and so it is doubtful if Maas was truly an upgrade.

While I never predicted Hamilton to make the Grey Cup, I picked them for third place, and charging hard at second place. They have been a major disappointment this year. Not sure what the problem was.

The problems in the Ti-Cat org seems to be manyfold. An injured Maas, a crappy OC, a head coach that was too inexperienced (ditto with Maccoia), and players that seemed more interested in playing for themselves instead of playing for the team.

Maas had great potential, he brought the Eskies to the GC last year, but there was something else missing as well. Just look at how well he played against Edmonton this year. It seems that missing his family was a big part of his problem.

. It seems that missing his family was a big part of his problem.
People keep saying this, but does anyone really think he is such a sucky baby that he plays like crap for an entire season over it? Pronger and his wife apparently hated living in Edmonton, or whatever that deal was, but he played the best, by far, hockey of his career in the play-offs last year. Like I said, the guy just is not nearly as good as some think he is. 7 years in the league and he has had one decent one. Claiming he tanked because he was homesick just sounds goofy to me.

I don't know who Pronger is, and if he's a hockey player, I don't care either. But even with that comparison, he still had his wife with him.

I think you are not understanding the effect of not having your spouse with you. Someone to sit down & talk with, to help you prioritize, and to help you deal with frustration. It's not only loneliness, it's the part about not having your best friend with you, stablizing you.

I'll take a large slice of the crow being passed around thank you. Seems to me that at the start of the season I picked Hamilton for second, and to give Montreal a real tough time in the Eastern final and had a shot at going to the Grey Cup. I also picked the Argos for last.

Just goes to show....if you want to make money, look at my predictions, then lay out oodles of money on ProLine picking the reverse of whatever I say......

And as for Maas missing his family, sorry no sympathy here. Suck it up, and be a professional. The nature of the football business is that you might get traded to another city. If you don't like it, well no one held a gun to your head to make you a professional football player. Quit to stay with your family or make the move, but don't pout.

Jeez, I can hear the tiny violins playing in the back...poor Jason...

Here is how much sympathy I have for him if these rumours are true, and frankly I really do not give them much creedence--cut him.
He'll be out of football in 2 years tops if this is true (maybe he will be anyway) and then see how much comfort his wife can offer....
I might add that housing in Hamilton can't be any more expensive than in Edmonton. What, they couldn't find a moving company?
The whole notion is just silly.
Like I said...exuses, excuses, but not a reason in sight.

Let me speak to a couple of the issues posted here.

Did the Ti-Cats get damaged goods, I believe they did and I think they and the Eskimos got exactly what they were looking for which was a short term solution.

Jason Maas is a very good quarterback who has during most of his career been a over-accheiver, due to a great work ethic.

Why would his wife stay in Edmonton, she likes it there and many players both CFL and NFL choose to stay in Edmonton during and following their careers because fo the community support and almost collegiate spirit in that city. If Mrs. Pronger didn't like the city, she is in the minority.

Will Jason have a long career, absolutely. I think it is highly probable that Jason will turn to coaching and don't be surprized if it is back in Edmonton.

Maas had an awful year, like the whole TiCats team. But something has now made it clear how wrong I was to expec this team to do well: the fact that it took them over a year to hire a real GM to replace Lancaster. Katz is a marketing guy, yet he was GM until just a month ago, when Desjardins came on board. That is insane. You can't wait that long to fill such an important position.

No wonder Hamilton got fleeced on its trades and hired the wrong people (Paopao as offensive coordinator).