After game thoughts

  1. The CBC anouncers sounded as if their mothers played for the Argos. Will we have to listen to Richy worshiping all season long?

  2. penalties in the first half killed us.

  3. if we cannot beat the Argos when Allen is not in the game then we still have a long way to go.

  4. Holmes is super, awesome and was the story of the game, next to the loss of Allen.

  1. I noticed that too and sure hope I don't have to listen to that Bull**** all season long.
  2. yup.
  3. Your secondary needs some adjusments or roster changes, and you're defensive line needs to get more pressure on the qb( pick up Montford???).
  4. Holmes, and Vaughn both played pretty solid. Allen has a broken finger, so he'll be out for a while.

I'll be cheering for 'cats to win the east this year.

Undisciplined penalties killed us.
However as I stated on another post we are in better shape than at this time last year.

this is all the game summary you need for this one.

Marshall had better get this bunch under control or Poapoa will be the coach by labor day.

Totally Undisciplined play...Awful