After game 8

7-1 Saskatchewan
6-2 Calgary
5-3 Toronto
5-3 B.C.
4-4 Hamilton ( 3 wins vs Winnipeg, the other vs Edmonton)
3-5 Montreal
1-6 Winnipeg
1-6 Edmonton

Points for

264 Saskatchewan
261 Calgary
244 Toronto
207 B.C.
203 Hamilton
195 Montreal
188 Edmonton
167 Winnipeg

Points against

177 Saskatchewan
200 Calgary
203 B.C.
209 Toronto
219 Hamilton
235 Edmonton
239 Montreal
247 Winnipeg

5th in all 3 categories.

Excellent stuff Captain. Interesting to see that look about right with those numbers. It'd be interesting to see what the last 4 games #'s would show? I would think, obviously enough, that Hamilton would rise significantly while the top teams would falter.

My personal opinion is that Sask has one more win than they deserve & Edmonton should have 1 more win based on the #'s.

Otherwise things look as they should through 8 games.

The 4 wins against Winnipeg 3 times, and once against Edmonton in 2 games isn’t very telling.

Next 3 games will be. B.C. twice, then Calgary.

(Toronto plays Montreal twice and then Saskatchewan)

Not that it really matters Captain…but B.B.'s and Esks are 1-7. :cowboy: :lol:

Good work Captain. Sitting in the middle on all stats: only way to go now is up!