After further review . . .

I didn't get to see the game (only highlights), but when I saw the score, I thought, "What in the world happened?"

For my inaugural season, the Eskimos are not offering a lot of incentive to keep a new recruit. Naw, I won't quit on them, after all, if someone spent his youth and early adulthood watching the mediocre and inept Packers during the '70s and '80s, then I can take my lumps watching the struggling Eskimos. Besides, the growing pains only help develop a fan's patience into a greater appreciation once things become better for the team. Experience has proven that.

As for the game, #36 needs to be benched for a couple of games. Sure, even if those end zone catches had been completed, the end result (all things remaining the same) wouldn't have really been altered much. It appears there needs to be more consistency and discipline. Do they have a "players' coach"? Seems to me that what the Eskimos need is a Parcels-type coach; someone who won't tolerate such sloppy play. Concentration and execution need serious attention - especially since you have such a short season to play; the team doesn't have the luxury of maturing throughout the season. Defense needs to stiffen up, too.

The good news is that only one team is 2-0, so hopefully they can get their act together to make a meaningful run for the playoffs

Perhaps the Esk's could pull it off some how and just maybe GO GET MIKE PINBALL CLEMONS. He feels CFL football is the best football in the world. It's a dream start.