After Edmonton, Montreal and BC.... The Gades r looking good

Most of you who are not Renegade fans didn't give them much of a chance this year.

But common, let's be honest here. The Gades are looking way tougher then you all thought!!

Those of you who thought that when your team was linning up vs Ottawa that is was a GIMME game...

Think again...

Especially you Calgary!

clap clap for ottawa on beating montreal!

Go gades.....oh ya, and NORTH SIDE SUCKS

I've said repeatedly that if any team was going to be the doormat of the league this year, it would be Winnipeg, not Ottawa.

The Gades had a horrendous opening schedule, playing the three toughest teams in the league. They got blown out in the first game, staged a great comeback to win in the second, and played hard, competitive football in the third. Greg Marshall has taken a defense with no big names and more dedication than natural ability and made it a force to be reckoned with. The thing that kills them game after game, as usual, is staying on the field too long because of poor offensive production.

I think the Gades can have a .500 season this year, but only if the offense steps up and Joseph plays consistently at a high level. Pat Woodcock, where are you? Big free-agent signing and you've been a bust. Run crisper routes, get open and contribute to this team. Lastly, Paopao has got to mix up his playcalling to keep defences off-balance. If the Gades do these things, they could do a lot better than people expect.

They've had the toughest sched outta the gate...props to Ottawa.

I am a die hard eski fan but i also like the lions and the gades good for them for steepin it up and keep up the good job. and thanks for the dis on cow Town who r enjoying the stampeed or whateva right now. buncha football wannabies.

Gades are my second fav team, but it was a gimmie game against my precious esks!

The gades are looking mighty good. i think they will take this season as a building season maybe win most of there games but i dont think there ready for a grey cup atmostphere. like i said before they will take this year as building year and next year i think theyll bebest in the league

Gades are great! and it would be long until we see them with the Cup!!!

........another good example of why we need to concentrate additional resources to our special education classes in northern Alberta.........c'mon, Ralph, do it for the needy...........

.........MM, anyone would be foolish to think that lining up against any team was a gimme, and if you found anyone here in Calgary saying as much about your Gades let me know so I can bop them on the head........hell, we went into the game in Winnipeg with no-gimme-atitude about their club and we'll be doing the same with yours........the gades have been impressive against three solid clubs and the tilt this Saturday will be no different............should be a fun one.........

As I wrote before.........they are better than most think.......and should make some noise.........if they can stay........fairly injury free...........

im a Gades fan after edmonton, just because there tht under dog team u wanna see whipe the smile off of montreal fans, way to go gades,

:shock: :? 8) :smiley:

.........that's o.k. Molson Al.........we're all a little worried about RnR taking time to breathe in between typing words..........

i think everyone is now overestimating the gades, i mean im cheering for them and all, and they have shown to be better than anyone originally thought.

they have a great D, and their offense is coming together nicely, but i think they have a while to go...and i expect them to continuously improve throught the season..but for now, they are not contenders with BC and Edmonton.

I thought I was bad with spell check..... :shock:

spell check?