After bad loss to Elks, Redblacks coach Paul LaPolice said he's not worried

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I have a coffee mug that I should send to him

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Burke needs to make his first bigboy move as GM and fire LaPolice. Ottawa deserves better with the talent this team has.

LaPolice has always had the rep of being an offensive guru, but his record as a head coach, from his time in Winnipeg and now in Ottawa, is less than impressive.


Do you think Benevides could serve as interim HC? He certainly couldn't be any worse.

I suppose, but then Benevides never had great success as a HC either. Methinks that both he and LaPo are better suited as D and O coordinators than they are as HC.

Maybe let Bob Dyce have a go as interim HC for the balance of the season.

And, for heaven's sake, give Arbuckle a shot as starting QB. He's bounced around and bounced around, that arguably great promise he showed as a backup in Calgary has evaporated, if we're ever to learn if he can be a quality starter, or if instead he's just the next Jonathan Jennings/James Franklin, it's time to find out.

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I would think Nick Arbuckle starts next week or plays most of the game should Caleb Evans starts slowly.

In the CFL more often than not, teams split home & home series. So, it would not shock me if they split with Edmonton and then later on split in their other 2 home & home's coming up. They might even win one of the 2 consecutive road games against the Argos.

Yesterday in the 2nd half, Taylor Cornelius was calling plays on the line to see if he could draw the Redblack defenders to commit. Thing is, there was no need. No idea why, but Mike Benevides was doing nothing other than playing a generic pre-season defense that made it easy pickings for Cornelius who is considered a bottom tier quarterback.

Paul LaPolice still has 1 year remaining in his contract after this season.

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Benevides?? Ha! He couldn't hack it as a TSN panelist. Almost had a meltdown on live TV when the cast pranked him


The Lions had two winning seasons in a row with him as head coach in 2012 and 2013, then a 9-9 season in 2014. Certainly a much better track record than LaPolice. The problem is that LaPolice is both HC and OC, so it might take two people to permanently replace him.

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Benevides used up his head coaching chances in the CFL. He is now stuck as a Defensive coordinator

True enough, but he inherited a Grey Cup winner, & his record was getting worse each year.


Lapo may be the only person on the planet who thinks he will be the RBs coach next year.

She has history as an offensive assistant at Carleton. I say let her call the plays for a quarter or two.


Good news all around with Dedmon returning and Arbuckle seemed to fit in well with the offence with the win in Edmonton .

The new scouting department hirings will help .

It was a decent week will take the few positives .