After all was said and done !

The two best teams in the CFL turned out to be EDM and CGY. It was still nice to see the all Eastern teams be competitive and actually win more games vs the West since Colour TV was invented :lol:

Yes , but remember

It is not the best team that wins, it is the team that plays the best " Chris Shultz.

True words at best.

You mean the two teams with the best records?
At least the East had 3 teams with winning records and the West with more teams had only 2

Remember that one of those "top" west team has had the luxury of their starting QB ALL season. While the other did lose theirs early in the season, they did get him back for the second half of the season and the all-important stretch run.

Only ONE team in the east has had the luxury of their starting QB for every game, one has had some QB questions about starters, and one lost their MOP candidate 2/3 of the way through the season. In spite of that they have all posted winning seasons.

Jumping ahead to next season, I see the east being stronger than this season. At the very least, the league will be more even strength wise, providing teams can keep key players healthy. Montreal has a lot of re-building to do, but they always seem to manage. Hamilton was tough all season until Collaros went down. Saskatchewan losing Durant, killed them right away. A balanced league next year would be great to watch.

Yes , first time in 40 years . Think the East was a bit over due for a solid year ???

So ??? Keeping your QB’s healthy and having durability is all part of being a good team . Calgary had huge injury issues on the Oline . No other QB in this league did what BO did this year . Won games and stayed healthy.

Hank Burris and Trevor Harris vehemently disagree with you.

actually in 2004, the East had more teams with a winning record than the West

only 1 team had a winning record in the West while 3 teams in the East did.

oh and it's not a sure thing yet for Toronto either. they are 9-8 afterall and could lose again.

Jumping ahead to next season? seriously? We should all give up on predictions before a season starts.
a year ago did anyone predict that Durant would be injured in his first game back?
The Riders were predicted to finish near the top.
did anyone predict Crompton and Lefevour going down in the first game of the season? the Als were predicted to be near the top
did anyone predict Willy going down in the first game?
did anyone predict Burris having a record setting season and leading his team from 2 - 16 to 12 - 6 and first place?
They were predicted to finish last

:roll: :roll:

I did, I just kept it to myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fixed it for you :wink: :rockin:

12-6 Jim ? first place Jim ? Correct me if I'm wrong but don't we have another game yet to be played this Saturday ? I guess the Cats might as well not even bother showing up because according to you the REDBLACKS have already won this game and been awarded first place , either that or it's just a typo on your part which I highly doubt :roll: Word to the wise Jimbo don't count yer chickens before they hatch. The REDBLACKS are assured of a home playoff date but NOT assured of it being the EF . The only thing they have right now is a 6 pt lead at halftime of this Football version of a Doubleheader.

I didn't make any predictions for next season, re-read what I really wrote. I said the east should be stronger than this season, "should" not will be. The league will be more even if everyone stays healthy, that's not a prediction, that would be a fact. A balanced league would be great to watch, I assume you agree.

I'm not sure where you were going with your reply. On another thread I posted pretty much what you said. I don't make predictions, Environment Canada makes predictions. I stated my opinion, problem?

Antoine Pruneau predicted Ottawa would go 12-6 this season, I was far less optimistic, and yes tomorrow is another game, I expect both teams to step it up. Should be a good one.

I didn't take the time to think about it, but it was pointed out to me that if Ottawa wins this game, it will be the first time that an Ottawa team wins 12 games in a regular season. So even when they were a good team in 70's (playing fewer games, mind you) they never won more than 11.

Potential for a little history. :thup:

Completely undeserving. Should have an asterix beside it. They needed bad officiating and a dirty hit on a starting QB to get to it...

First year of the crossover rule the west sent a team east yet the best 2 teams in the league that year, 1997, were in the east. Last year was an anomaly. Often part of the reason for the crossover is 1 or 2 very good teams in the east.