After A Touchdown..!!?

i remeber the one game where we played the riders at home we would have the sound of a firetruck or ambulance play loud, any chance of bringing it back?? sounded pretty intimidating and it sounded awsome whith the crowd noise, where has it gone?> why was it a one night thing?

It broke because lack of use?

My question has always been... how come evry other team will chuck the ball in to the stands or hand it off to a fan after a touchdown or pick but not at IW. Maybe if we started doing this our fortunes would turn around!!! :roll: :wink:

I was going to be a smart a$$ and say you have to score a TD first before you can do any of that stuff! 8) 8) 8) 8)

It is not just IWS, i know in Taylor Field they do not do that. I've seen BC and Calgary do it but im not sure about anybody else.