After a long playoff journey..

We finally made it to the Grey Cup!!! Only one in four teams make it this far every year and WE MADE IT!!! To think just a quarter of the teams in the league make it to the Grey Cup every year it really shows how special this group of guys is. We fought hard in our one playoff game (riders suuuck lol). Now its time to show the kind of team we are, the kind of grit it takes to be in the top 25% of the league…its game day. :cowboy:

Agreed, G, agreed. Now let's hope we can cap off this remarkable season. I know we will. I've already got a tear and it's not even kick off yet....c'mon boys, let's show 'em our stuff (again).

He's being a sarcastic idiot, an obvious troll. Someone forgot to tell him that we live in a country of only 32 million people and most of the population base their identity on how they compare to the USA. While there may only be 8 teams in the league, the playoffs is DO or DIE. The Lions have been a contender for a few years (top 25% of the league) and they haven't just rolled into the GC each year and won it.