After 16 games

13-3 Calgary
11-5 Saskatchewan
10-6 Toronto
9 -7 B.C.
8 -8 Hamilton
7 -9 Montreal
3-13 Edmonton & Winnipeg

Points for

  1. 513 Calgary
  2. 468 Saskatchewan
  3. 451 Toronto
  4. 435 B.C.
  5. 412 Montreal
  6. 389 Hamilton (dropping)
  7. 362 Edmonton
    8] 333 Winnipeg

Points against

  1. 339 Saskatchewan
  2. 362 Calgary
  3. 414 Toronto
  4. 424 Montreal
  5. 425 B.C.
  6. 437 Hamilton
  7. 450 Edmonton
    8] 512 Winnipeg

Average yards offence per game

395.3 Calgary
377.8 Hamilton
372.8 Saskatchewan
355.8 Toronto
349.9 Edmonton
324.3 B.C
316.1 Montreal
283.9 Winnipeg

Interesting when compared to points for.

Now consider with turnover +/-

21 Calgary
19 Toronto
16 Saskatchewan
1 B.C.
-2 Montreal
-13 Edmonton
-17 Hamilton
-25 Winnipeg

Most times punted

136 Winnipeg
123 Edmonton
122 B.C., Saskatchewan, Montreal
108 Calgary
105 Toronto
99 Hamilton

Weird, eh?

Clearly Hamilton must cut down their turnovers

I found this interesting from Milton's column in today's Spec ...

"Not only has the offence not been progressing recently, it has subtly been getting less consistent. Until Sunday afternoon, that is, when there was no subtlety involved. And that really has to concern Austin, who spends most of his on-field time with the quarterbacks. In the past four games, Burris has thrown for only two touchdown passes, both in the same game, and has been picked off six times. The offence hasn't scored a touchdown in the past 86 minutes of football."
[url=] ... yoff-date/[/url]

Good Points, a quarterback and running back are only as good as their oline and the game is won and lost in the trenches. With our depleted oline and last week vs. MTL the pocket was collapsing faster than a wet paper bag in a category 5 hurricane with MTL over the top blitzing, how much of that sucked the wind out of Henry's and our offensive sails? Troy Smith would have looked average with the capabilities of our offensive line vs. MTL's torrent pace on D last week, even if Kent Austin was his coach!

Thanks for the stat comparisons Captain, until we're completely healthy, we may only be a maybe for a EDSF win at best whether or not its played at Guelph or McGill universities.....

QB sacks allowed

31 Calgary
38 Saskatchewan
41 Montreal
42 B.C.
44 Toronto
47 Winnipeg
53 Edmonton
62 Hamilton

Most QB sacks by defense

54 Calgary
51 Montreal
51 Saskatchewan
49 Winnipeg
44 Edmonton
39 B.C.
37 Toronto
33 Hamilton

Average yards given up by defense per game

  1. 316.6 Montreal
  2. 319.3 B.C.
  3. 322.7 Saskatchewan
  4. 338.2 Calgary
  5. 356.1 Hamilton
  6. 358.0 Edmonton
  7. 365.3 Winnipeg
    8] 399.3 Toronto

Most TDs scored

  1. 48 Calgary
  2. 46 Toronto
  3. 45 Saskatchewan
  4. 41 B.C.
  5. 39 Hamilton
  6. 37 Edmonton
  7. 34 Montreal
    8] 30 Winnipeg

Fewest TDs allowed

32 Saskatchewan
36 Montreal
38 Calgary
39 Toronto
41 B.C.
42 Edmonton
45 Winnipeg
47 Hamilton

Interesting data, mmmmm, must have a lot of time on your hands Captain.

Our mediocre proof in the pudding......thanks again Capt.

QB rating, TD passes, Interceptions, completion % (at least 200 pass attempts)

  1. 123.4 Ray, 18-2, 75.8%
  2. 102.2 Glenn, 15-6, 66.8%
  3. 99.1 Collaros, 14-6, 66.4%
  4. 97.2 Durant, 30-11, 61.6%
  5. 94.7 Lulay, 19-11, 64.4%
  6. 93.3 Burris, 22-18, 65.5%
  7. 87.9 Reilly, 22-16, 60.1%
    8 ) 75.0 Hall, 7-9, 58.8%

Exactly double the amount of the front running Stamps,who just happen to have the league rushing leader,coincidence,NOT!!!!!Truly amazing to think that Burris is the only starting Q.B. to play and start every game this season,considering he's hit the turf as much as he has this year. Interesting to note that as far as I know the Cats still hold the league record for least amount of sacks allowed in a season at an unbelievable 9,recorded in their Grey Cup season of "99".This is a record that will probably never be matched again,imagine only avg. 1 sack agst every 2 games.Compare that with this year,where are avg. is just a shade under 4 per game at 3.8.allowed.It certainly hasn't helped that due to injuries,we've been playing musical chairs with our tackle positions all season,and currently have both starters out with injuries and possibly another with Wojt going down in the 4th qtr last game,not to mention also that we've played a chunk of games without either of our blocking fb/te's in the lineup.Next game our OL could very well consist of 3rd stringer Dile and newcomer Spelling at the tackle positions,with Hage at center and Dykowski and O'Neill at guard.We need to get back both Simmons and Figuero back in time for the play-offs if we hope to have any chance for success,otherwise it could very well be one and done for this year.

Yeah, an incredible stat. And how much of that is on McManus getting rid of the ball...

Fewest Quarterback Sacks Allowed, Season

7 Hamilton 1999
10 Hamilton 2004
13 Calgary 1980
14 Hamilton 2001
15 Hamilton 1998
15 Hamilton 2000
15 Hamilton 2002

[url=] ... ayoffs.pdf[/url]

To CaptainKirk:

Great statistics. With regards to sacks allowed,a few are not exact-I know,no big deal-. Ref: CFL Stats.

Toronto allowed 45 rather than 44
Winnipeg allowed 48 rather than 47
Hamilton allowed 64 rather than 62

Have a nice day



This is what I was using, dated Monday Oct 21 ... 105610.pdf

Those sack totals are at the very bottom of the page.

I still haven't seen a CFL QB who could release the ball as quickly as McManus did. That guy could flick the ball downfield in a split second with the most economical throwing motion in the business.

But he also threw a lot of interceptions, he had a quick release and expected the receiver to be where he threw the ball.
I also remember the last couple of seasons he played and the Ticat fans who gave him a rough time and wanted him gone.

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To bad they don't keep track of the number of hurries the Hamilton O-line has given up. That most certainly would give us a better picture of the problems we have with our O-line. Some of those hurries would likely account for the interception numbers Burris has this season.

That's a Danny McManus quick release stat. In fact IIRC, Ledbetter in relief appearances gave up 4 or 5 of those sacks which makes that number even more remarkable.

Our record of 8-8 truly indicates where we are at. Inconsistent. Injuries, new players, young players, new coaches are all factors. All in all I am pleased with this year performance. We are an average team with strengths and weaknesses. As Ron Lancaster once said (RIP) "your record doesn't matter as long as you go undefeated in November" and that is never more true than it is in the CFL.