After 13 weeks, CFL rankings are still messed up

Calgary is rocking a two-game losing streak, but the Stamps stay in first. Saskatchewan is riding a two-game winning streak, but the Riders drop to last. Edmonton beats the Argos, and the Esks jump from 8 to 4.

You'd think with 13 weeks of data that the rankings would start to make a little sense... Guess not. :lol:

maybe they just throw all the team names into a hat and draw them out and thats the order you are in.. who knows...

Riders never go up, because they keep missing field goals and getting sacked.
It was a great idea, they just should have used more than one year's data when creating the formula.

well you know, if you continue to have more and more fans criticize and get on their case about this stupid, retarded ranking system, maybe they'll finally swallow their pride and give in and get rid of it.

hell, I don't even care anymore because I don't give it one millimeter of respect.

That's what happens when an objective formula is used to rank teams. If you could really rank teams with an objective formula we could dispense with the season and go straight to the Grey Cup. Obviously, the weighting given to certain performance aspects doesn't actually match-up with what is leading to wins/losses and needs a revamp. But, then again, I suspect no formula will reflect reality for more than a season or perhaps 1/2 season.

Just don't buy the snake oil some math geek is trying to sell... only on this board can a team that is 8-4 be ranked 7th out of 8 teams... :?

For rankings that make sense visit go to the CFL link on and then from there scroll down a lil' bit and BAM!! Rankings that make sense! :cowboy:

You guys have got it all wrong. It's not the rankings that are messed up. It's the standings.

That's hilarious. I read the explanation of the rankings and fell off my chair. That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. What will they include next year, wind direction and team horoscopes? :lol: :lol:

1 Calgary (unchanged)
2 Montreal (unchanged)
3 Winnipeg (unchanged)
4 Edmonton (up from 8)
5 Hamilton (down from 4)
6 BC (up from 7)
7 Saskatchewan (down from 5)
8 Toronto (down from 6)

1 Calgary (unchanged)
2 Montreal (unchanged)
3 Saskatchewan (unchanged)
4 Hamilton (unchanged)
5 BC ( up from 7)
6 Toronto (down from 5)
7 Winnipeg (down from 6)
8 Edmonton (unchanged)

Questions; 1 Which of these two fine organizations includes an elevator that goes to the top floor?
2 Is there anything the CFL can do without embarassing themselves in some fashion?

Seems like is out to lunch. Probably went to Wendy's :roll:

I'm pretty sure at this point they have written off their rankings for this year. After all in the first eight weeks they tried to address the complaints but now, after hearing the same complaints over and over, they're just basically posting them to finish up the season. I'm either expecting a lot of changes to the rankings in the offseason or a continued decline in credibility.

For once I think TSN knows what there talking about!
[1] Montreal (Last Week: 2)
[2] Saskatchewan (Last Week: 3)
[3] Calgary (Last Week: 1)
[4] Hamilton (Last Week: 4)
[5] Toronto (Last Week: 5)
[6] Winnipeg (Last Week: 6)
[7] B.C. (Last Week: 7)
[8] Edmonton (Last Week: 8)

Wheather it has a fancy formula or not they make the most sense out of the 3.... :thup: to TSN, :thdn: CBC rankings, :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :twisted: :? :cry: :roll: :roll: :expressionless: :? to rankings

I completely agree. :wink:

I also agree. No way should Edmonton be in the basement.

I disagree with TSN. Montreal barely beats a team tied for worst in the league and gives up 40 points in doing so while Saskatchewan beats a team that by both TSN and CBC's rankings call the best of the rest. Flip 1 and 2 and I'll live with TO in 5th only because I'm an Argo fan, otherwise I would want to see them at least behind Winnipeg.

Overall best of the bunch. TSN has shown a huge overall improvement in all aspects of their coverage since taking the contract from CBC. The last year sharing with CBC was not good but since then very good.

How is Hamilton the best of the rest? :expressionless:

Turkeybrain has more credibility than any of these other polls. Bring on the Turkeyman to do a column and rankings regularly for the site. YEA TURKEY

His rankings have been surprisingly good this year. :lol:

He must not be trying very hard then. :wink: