After 13 ganes

5th in the standings

5th in points scored

7th in points allowed

7 in turnover plus/minus

7 in sacks

8th in sacks allowed.

Can’t argue with where they are with #'s like that. In fact, they may be a little fortunate all things considered.

Those are some of the negatives, let's be fair and look at some of the positives

Burris 3899 yards passing (1st)
Ellingson 800 yards receiving (4th)
Gable 569 yards rushing (5th) and he hasn't been our starter for every game...could be higher if he was.
Beswick 19 special teams tackles (1st)
Gable 1047 yards from scrimmage (4th)
Gable 9 touchdowns (2nd)

For me the most concerning is I don't think we are in the top 10 individually for any defensive stat. That to me is the more disappointing trend. Sacks, turnovers, interceptions yards and points allowed are all near the bottom. All of that will have to improve if we can ever expect to compete for a championship.

First 6 game stretch - 2wins - 4losses

Second 6 games - 4 wins - 2 losses

last 6 games - 1 loss so far to Calgary

This back to back against the hated Arblows and then right into a back to back with the Arseoulettes is huge
Good teams don't beat themselves.
Lets hope the Cats play some great mistake free football, which this team is capable of "on any given day",
for the last 5 games and beyond.
It's go time!

Looking at team passing stats

5th TD passes - 23
8th Interceptions - 17
4th QB efficiency - 94.9
1st passing yards - 4142
1st yards per attempt - 8.9
3rd completion percentage 65.5%

Having the highest passing total is no big deal when you consider Hamilton has thrown more than any other team, but being 1st in yards per attempt is much more meaningful and an encouraging stat.

The interceptions alarmed me somewhat. Burris has thrown 15, that total has crept up more than I realized, and considering that he’s taking so many sacks (most in the league) I would have expected interceptions to go down.

Burris' interceptions (IMO) are going up because of panicky passes thrown while under seige from
the defensive line. So many of his passes are, as the sports writers and commentators say, "ill advised."
When he throws these passes, it's interesting to see the look of total frustration on Kent Austin's face;
and I can't say I blame him.

I agree that having the highest passing total is meaningless without the other variables.

“you are what your record says you are” the legend Bill Parcels