Afraid of the bottomfeeders?

The Als started the season off a good note, and the Ticats did the exact opposite. With Hamilton in town, we should expect to lay a beating on the visitors.

However... the Als don't lose often, but when they do, they tend to lose to the bottomfeeders...

We did lose to Ottawa, Winnipeg and Hamilton last year - the three teams not in the playoffs.

So what do you say? Are you confident the Als will prevail, or do you think overconfidence will bite the birds and cost them victory?

The wildcard here is that we'll be rested and hopefully getting back key players like Stala, Girard, Landry, and Sanchez. If we have a full crew complement, we'll beat Hamilton. I expect this game to be much closer than the last one, but don't forget: we're playing at home, and we're very hard to beat at home.

Why do you expect it to be much closer? It was a blow-out last game and now were also on home turf. Plus i think Calvillo is finally gonna decide to let loose, it would be a good time for that.

Not worried in the least. We will have our full compliment of receivers back in the fold so we can move Anderson back to the WR position that he is more comfortable with and much better at. Stala and Cahoon on the inside and Watkins and anderson on the outside will flat out dominate the game.

I expect it to be closer because I'm sure Marshall will break down the film and find ways to a) stop our blitz and b) put more pressure on Calvillo. They won't really succeed, but I expect a good effort.

I would be very surprised if you guys had any trouble whatsoever with the Toothless Cats.....their only chance would be if they could get their running game working...Maas has 1 TD & 6 INTs.....

It depends which Tiger-Cat team shows up - the one that spotted you guys 17 points, the one that played ball control and got back in the game, or the one that blew the second half and caved in.

If it's the offense that played in Calgary, it will be a long game for us Hamilton fans. :oops:

With a 10.5 points spread Vegas says its impossible. I wouldn't put it past Hamilton to pull this one off. They are coming off a one point loss to Calgary. This is gut check time for the Ticats. Montreal better not come into this game likes its going to be a cake walk, its not. I think the players realize what Ticats bring, and are not going to underestimate Hamilton.

It's football anything can happen, but i'am sticking with my Al's by 8 points.

Take Hamilton +10.5 to win the game, or the Al's with the moneyline.

Peter, I remember last season, Vegas gave a unbelievable +20 points spread to the Bombers when they played Montreal. The Alouettes were an absolute sure shot, right? Then, we lost 51 to 46...

Well remember also that are defence sucked ass last year lol!

on paper, Hamilton has improved from last year but results do not come on the field. I believe they will become better in a few games.