In other news. The “Areana Bowl” is proving to be an awsome game, especially with the help of former Grey Cup winner Willis Marshall as the the Crush is leading the Force by four points going into half time.

OH!!! speaking of half time, Canadian Rock Legend Bryan Adams will be the half time show coming up about now, tune in on NBC.

right on and thanks.

Can’t help but think folks…I’m watching the Arena Bowl right now…12+ minutes left in the game…Colorado has a third down and goal…leading by a score of 31-27…they don’t get a touchdown and now score a field goal for three more points…but…how much more exciting would this game be if third down was IT???

Canada should have Arena Football…after all it is played on a Hockey rink…a proud sport that Canada developed!.

Makes sense that the BETTER version of indoor football will be played in the great white north.

We also need to think about our wonderful wives for a moment (for those of us that are married) It used to be that a “Football Widow” was a woman ignored by her husband for either the months of June-November (CFL) or September-February (NFL)

But in my case (and many others) it’s now from December-June (AFL) and June-November (CFL). Poor women huh??

Tied game 34 all right now, shaping up to go right down to the last play in true Arena Football fashion

i agree canadian rules would make this game a hell of alot more exciting . …we should have a league here in canada could even help develope canadian talent for the cfl .

the cis could be a big part of this league …the cfl should help push that idea

12 sec. left 1st and goal for Col. tied at 48 best Arena Bowl I’ve seen.

Congrats. to the Colorado Crush on a great Arena Bowl.

3 sec. left a field goal seals their 51-48 win over the Georgia Force.

Sorry Kanga…I was pulling for Georgia.

Great! But first, lets make the CFL more popular in its own country and THEN let’s worry about establishing other leagues there.

Thanks for the offer, but I hate beer.

Now if you’re offering a Jack Daniels, we can talk! 8)