4:54 to go third quarter Columbus and Austin tied at 34 Outstanding game!!!

1:13 in third quarter columbus ties it up at 41!

why arent grand rapid games on TV


I’m really getting in to watching arena football lately. It is a lot of fun to watch and great action. And I have read the arena league is getting better ratings compared with the NHL in some cities that have an NHL team, even when the NHL was playing.

It proves that Americans love football, regardless of the variety.

The rest of my country needs to try other forms of football, like rugby and aussie rules stated above.

Kanga-Kucha saw the hawks play on opening weekend in Sydney against the swans did not look that good. Not that the swans are any better is really bad try to watch them against West Coast last weekend. i dont think the hawks will have much luck either this weekend against West Coast.

I Haven’t Seen An Aussie Rules Game Since Sportsnet Used To Brodcast It On Saterday Mornings Almost Ten Years Ago. I’m Wonderring If Anyone Has The Attendance Records For Any Of The Games Cause I Know That Australia Is The Second Lest Dense Country On The Planet And I’m Wondering Why The AFL Can Support 15 Teams While The CFL Can Only Support 9.

They average about 20000-40000 or even few in some places, but in Melbourn there are a few teams, i think like over four and in the west is there a few more. On the east coast there is only Brisbane and Sydney having teams.

AFL = 16 teams
NRL = 15 teams, expansion to 16 imminent
NBL = 11 teams
Rugby Union = not quite as popular, no national competition, 3 (4 next year) Super League teams.

I play rugby union and aussie rules competitively here in California.

The AFL and NRL can support as many teams as they do, DURING THE SAME SEASON, because of geographical positioning.

The AFL is Melbourne-based, 10 teams in that metropolitan area. 2 in Perth, 2 in Adelaide, and 1 each in Sydney and Brisbane.

The NRL is Queensland and NSW based, with most teams around Sydney, and I don’t think that theres a single team east of Melbourne - no Adelaide, no Perth.

I’m not sure exactly HOW they support it. On any given round, there are 3 matches at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (the official home of the AFL), and they generally play one match each day of the round (1/1 games Friday, 1/4 games Saturday, 1/3 games Sunday).

NRL is a similar structure, but in Sydney, and only 7 games around cause they got court-ordered to have 15 teams and it’s messing up their whole schedule.

First I would like to introduce myself and say that I enjoy watching the CFL games when they are on here in Ohio.

My question is for the regulars that really know the game and the people of Canada.

Do you think Indoor Football could work here, in combination with a league with teams from the United States?

I ask because I have created an Indoor Football League and have possible teams in Michigan and New York that will actually travel through Canada to play each other. This got me thinking that possibly we could put a team or preferebly two in Ontario near Toronto. With that I found 3 arenas in the following locations…

Brampton, Ontario - Mississauga, Ontario - Whitby, Ontario

I am going to contact them Thursday or Friday to get an idea if indoor football is something they would be interested in, but thought I could get some opinions from CFL fans firsthand.

Thanks in advance.

You should try to get John Avery to your league. He doesn’t like to play outdoor because it’s too coooold for his ladyfingers and can’t hold on to the ball properly…

… he said it himself…


Arena football is crap.

its called the Canadian Arena Football League, and im looking forward to it.

Arena football, while I don’t like it as much as outdoor football, is great action and is getting very good ratings in the States, better than NHL teams in some markets like Denver, and the Avalanche have been a pretty good team! I would definitely go to some games, football is a better sport to watch than hockey but most in Canada would argue that indoor football is not better than hockey.

The more football the better, get a team in Hamilton.

I need a football fix in January and February I could live with CANADIAN rules Indoor football. Bring it on!

In the US, Fox Soccer Channel carries an Australian Rules match of the week (in Oregon I get it at 11 PM Pacific on DirecTV). Several Fox regional sports networks carry an Australian Rules highlights show on Friday afternoons. I don’t know if any Canadian channels carry Australian Rules Football.

The games would run from April through June regular season. The playoffs would be over with only overlapping like 1 week of the CFL season. We would make sure that any scheduling would not be a conflict with the CFL as we don’t want to even compete with their games.

You’re going to get mixed opinions on this subject for sure!! But…speaking only for myself, I LOVE Arena Football! and have always thought that a 3 down Canadian version would be really exciting to watch. To me, 4 downs in the indoor version is one too many simply because the field is only 50 yards long. There shouldn’t be any problem having 3 downs to aquire your first down. The game is fast and furious, just like the CFL I think it’s a perfect match.

Out Of Those 3 Places I’d Have To Say Missiaaauga Is Probibly Your Best Bet, Although I’d Look At Maybe Somewhere With Less Compatition Then Near Toronto, Perhapes London, I’ve Noticed That They Get A Pretty Good Turnout For Even Small Football Leagues Like The COMFL, Another Good Spot Would Be Quebec City, Football’s Hugh In Quebec Right Now And Quebec Is One Of Canadas Largest Citys Without A Pro Sports Team.