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March 18 start day just around the corner.

Will start out cheering for Melbourne and West Coast Eagle.

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I do follow it on and off but never attached myself to a team to cheer for.

How, in your opinion, is the favourite going into the season and what playoff format do they use and would that work in the CFL.

I cheer for melbourne because I was born there

I cheer for WCE because I cheer for west and I cheer for teams named eagles.

AFL final eight system - Wikipedia

CFL doesnt have enough teams for 8 teams in playoffs.

you say HOW? do you mean WHO?

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I meant who. My bad

off to a good start.

Melbourne and WCE win first games.

I remember these guys of yore when watching the AFL for the first time in the early 1990s, which I realize is ancient history to some of you.

I want them back. In gridiron too under the goal posts. I'll weather the opposition here too.

well, good day to day. Both the teams I cheer for down early but come back to win.

Melbourne is now in 2nd at 5-0. WCE in 6th at 3-2.

Good games.

I just learned that today is ANZAC day down under.

Melbourne wins again to remain undefeated at 6-0

West Coast Eagles not so good. Lost to go to 3-3

Seems there are 9 teams in Melbourne area sharing 2 fields. One of them with Cricket as well.

I am so jealous seeing all those fans in the stands.

Damn you JT.


Vote this clown out next election.

I know I plan to.

Don't like the other candidates as they are not any better than what we have at the moment.

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Maybe we put you in charge of things for May?

I don't know your political capabilities, but I reckon it won't be worse with you in there in Ottawa.

interesting attendance for this season.

AFL Tables - Crowds 2021

Anywhere from 5,000 to 55,000 with 78,000 for ANZAC Day game, and that game was between 2 not very good teams.

MCG record over 121,000 back in 1970. Oh to have such stadiums and numbers

It would be interested as to how those venues are financed and how Australia feels about sport infrastructure.

Well, now Melbourne sits alone undefeated after 7. right on

My second choice , WCE, is sitting in the last playoffs position at 4-3

Not too shabby.

after week 9, Melbourne still undefeated. West Coast Eagle doing well, still in playoff position.

I so want to play this game.

I have been enjoying the last West Coast Eagles game

Two things I have noticed recently.

When they have full possession of the ball and not being touched by opposing players, they can step out of "bounds" and continue playing.

When a player is injured, except when seriously injured, play continues on and trainers have to dodge players while going to help the injured player.

Thats what my dad did once when he was a trainer and 2 yr old me tried to follow him across the field.

what a great West Coast Eagles game this weekend

with the score 81 - 59 for their opponents, the ripped off 26 unanswered point for an 85 - 81 win. Simply awesome and extremely entertaining

well, a lousy week for me. West Coast Eagles got trounced and dropped down a spot. Melbourne got beat by the lowly GWS Giants and dropped down into 2nd for the first time this season. sigh

Australia also has a National Rugby league too and they draw over 3 Million fans a year and they play in 10 stadiums with 6 of them over 30,000 capacity.
Also a Cricket league, it's the most popular summer sport and attendance of 2.3 Million.
It's not all about Aussie Rules football.

I record those matches and watch them. Rugby league has a faster pace than rugby union; less scrums in league compared to union.

Prefer League over Union any day.

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