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March 18 start day just around the corner.

Will start out cheering for Melbourne and West Coast Eagle.

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I do follow it on and off but never attached myself to a team to cheer for.

How, in your opinion, is the favourite going into the season and what playoff format do they use and would that work in the CFL.

I cheer for melbourne because I was born there

I cheer for WCE because I cheer for west and I cheer for teams named eagles.

AFL final eight system - Wikipedia

CFL doesnt have enough teams for 8 teams in playoffs.

you say HOW? do you mean WHO?

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I meant who. My bad

off to a good start.

Melbourne and WCE win first games.

I remember these guys of yore when watching the AFL for the first time in the early 1990s, which I realize is ancient history to some of you.

I want them back. In gridiron too under the goal posts. I'll weather the opposition here too.

well, good day to day. Both the teams I cheer for down early but come back to win.

Melbourne is now in 2nd at 5-0. WCE in 6th at 3-2.

Good games.