AFL Women (for all seasons)

Starting up Jan 7 2022

Hope to see a number of games

Go Melbourne

How many teams and is TSN carrying their games?

looks like 14.

AFLW Homepage (

I have seen some games on some TSN channel, but I dont think they were live. Recent but not live.

Hoping to see some live.

Will try to check it out.

When does the Men's league start?

March 16 2022

AFL Fixtures and Results -

Usually 1 or 2 live games on each week, but not always. Depends on what else is happening on TSN. There are ways to stream but I have not bothered to figure out and do it yet.

I believe most of games usually end up on TSN2.

Wish TSN would broadcast some NRL games. Did enjoy them when the CFL couldn't have a season.

I have watched some international Rugby sevens, and have played some form of Rugby in high school, but not very in to watching it. Not much of a fan of scrums. The partial scrum is my least fav part of AFL

In Rugby League they rarely have scrums.

Part of the game that appeals to me is you get 6 tackles for the length of the field.

With 13 players a side instead of the 15 a side Rugby Union, there's more skill involved while the other rugby requires some strategy.

interesting. I may check it out some time. Both if possible.