AFL/VFL Finals 2006

September 30th is the AFL grand Final, which I admit, I haven’t followed the AFL/VFL much this year (a little hard to when your favorite team finishes out of the finals year after year, and when the coverage isn’t as good as the CFL :wink:), It’s a reply of last year’s GF, with West Coast (Perth) Vs. Sydney again, and as history tells us that when their is a reply of the GF, the team that lost last year usually wins, and I think that will be the case once again, with WC (who finished first on the ladder) beating Sydney (who finished 4th).

I’m also a bit disappointed that the team that has never won the GF before, the Fremantle Dockers, lost to the Swans this week, but I’m sure they will make it next year, hopefully against a Victorian Club.

This will be the third time, in a roll, that the Grand Final will be two non Victorian clubs

What do you guys think? especially Geo65, my AFL/VFL mate-in-arms.


Any idea where I can watch the AFL Grand Final in Montreal? I'm desperate to watch it!

I don't know mate, it's a buuger that they don't have it on webcast, eh?

AFL should look into it.

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West Coast won, as I suppected they would.