AFL to Resume Operations in 2010

The AFL has reached a collective bargaining deal with its players association in an effort to cut costs and to resume play in 2010. Wonder how if at all, this will affect players from the AFL signing with CFL teams

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Players still have to pay bills and AF2 or any of the other indoor leagues don't pay half of the AFL. I think AFL returns with a lower calibur of veteran player or more rookies than normal.

If it returns at all. One year off and the fans might be ok with that. But, two years? The average american sports fan has the attention span of a flea! This just may be the final nail in the AFL coffin :roll:

Don't think it will effect the CFL, players tend to go from AFL to CFL, not the other way.

They announced that their salary cap will be cut in half from 2.2 million to 1.1 million and the rosters will shrink to 20 from the previous 24 in an attempt to further cut costs. This should make the CFL much more attractive in terms of salary.

As an American, I can tell you that the AFL sucks! I used to watch NFL europe in the Spring, and that was much more enjoyable than the AFL.


AFL is closer to the WWE than to the NFL. It tarnishes the legacy of the great American Football League being referred to as the AFL. Just a terrible, terrible league.