AFL Rule Changes

For any Arena Football Fans out there... (though I just might be alone on this one)

For the 2007 Season the AFL implemented what they called the "elway" rule, where a team can more or less have unlimited substitutions. allowing players across the feild to play only onside, or only for specific plays.

This kinda kills it for me.

I liked the AFL because of the Ironman style, and the position matchups. You could see two guys duke it out the full 60 minutes both on offence and defence.

Does anyone know if it will be the same in 2008? or have they reverted to the original rules, that made the game interesting?

here's a link for some background if you're not familiar.

I don't know all the rules of AFL but I do like to watch a bit of it here and there. I would go to games if Hamilton had a team in the league, or in a lower division arena league of some sort.

Toronto had a team for a single season back in 2000 i think. the phantoms. it's what peaked my interes. I'm with you on hamilton having an indoor team, but like i said with the rule changes i'm not so sure i care now.

time to start watching lacross

I have to give lacrosse a try but I find I don't like watching it much on TV as I can't see the ball well and it hides in the mesh of the sticks. I can't seem to get past this to give the game a chance even though I know it's a great game and is Canada's official sport from a historical perspective.

Check out the NLL the season stretches through the winter untill march i believe, nice way to occupy the off season.

toronto has the "Rock" though i'm not a fan of toronto, or their teams. (3rd gen. steeltowner) the only other canadian teams are calgary and edmonton.

Toronto had a team for 3 years. My father and I owned seasons tickets, and no one came to any of the games, then finally when they made the playoffs it was a sellout, a great game to! even though they lost, score was 50 48.