AFL is back

I may be in the minority (but I'm not sure) here, but the AFL is back & I'm pretty excited about it! It kicks off the first Friday in April & NFL network is carrying a game every Friday at 8pm est. It isn't Canadian, but it will keep me sane until Canada day!


Wow looks to me like the NFL is extending its covert developmental reach like an octopus beyond the UFL and sometimes CFL (see the other forum where we debated that topic; I am against the current short contracts for all rookies in the CFL and favour a 3+1 minimum) into this effort, the "New AFL," to be aired on its network.

In the meanwhile, I promise you few down here care and most like me, even with all the reading I do on football, have not heard a thing about it:

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Right now all most sports fans seem to care about down here are March Madness, baseball spring training and the season start, and the NFL Draft in that order (I care only about the last of those plus soccer, rugby union, and the NBA playoffs).

went to an AFL back in 1991 (Orlando) it was really fun, not even close to CFL games, but better than watching most other sports.

Ya, it looks like fun. I like watching it on tv & would love to go see a game some day. I agree that it isn't close to CFL, but it's better then a lot of other sports out there. I'm not much of a fan of baseball, basketball, etc... So I'm always looking for more football to watch.