AFL - down under

Am loving this game. Too bad most games are on in the middle of the night. I manage to only watch what I can of about 3 of the 9 games a week. Sometimes I am watching something else and I tune in to check it out and find it hard to switch back again. Sometimes I am up late and start watching intending to only watch a bit before sleeping, but end up watching at least an hr before I finally force myself to turn it off.

Games on this week

This week I get to watch my home town Melbourne play.

One thing that makes it more enjoyable for me is that I dont just watch the action, I imagine myself being part of the action. I would have loved to have played this game with fellows not much bigger than me

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Me too sometimes - we played similar games that we improvised as kids including smear the ... :no_mouth: that we also called "roughby."

It's like watching a legal bar fight with only the blows of the original UFC rules (which mimicked the ancient Greek sport you remember FYB from your days in philosophy school in Athens, Pankration) as well as no punches to the head, tripping, fish hooks, kicks to the shins, or any direct strikes to the groin, spine or throat.

As stated in that other thread and unlike in other football, a clothesline hit apparently is either allowed or the referee customarily looks the other way like with many other blows.

I havent been able to figure out what the square in the middle of the field is for. It doesnt seem to come into play.

That's for sake of their bounce-off to re-start play each quarter, for much like in soccer with the 10-yard circle at kickoff (and the derivation of the 10-yard / metre rule at kick-off for other codes of football), I do believe a certain number of players must be outside of the square during the bounce-off plus it's part of a secret sacred Australian ceremony. The unexplained ... :no_mouth:

It's a great sport, because a Freemantle Dockers fan a couple years ago.

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My grandfather was from Melbourne too. Though Iā€™m not sure exactly where, so I dunno I might root for North Melbourne :upside_down_face: It is a very entertaining game - skilful and tough.

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Good win for the Richmond Tigers.

Still disappointed the CFL was not able to organise a season.