AFL 2022 (Atlantic Football League)

Here's this year's AFL sched:





So there are 4 University/College teams playing in there own league in NS/NB. Why don't they join the Atlantic conference of U Sports (which has 4 teams as well)? That would make an 8 team conference and would make the games more interesting (not seeing the same teams so many times during the season). Someone with some pull in the Atlantic region needs to step up and make this happen!

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I'm not sure of the reasons for the AFL being organized the way it is, but I would assume money (for recruitment, training, coaching, etc). Also, not all of the AFL schools are USports schools. Some are 2-year colleges. I think they're a closer equivalent to CJFL teams.

The AUS of USports now has 5 teams, btw, with Bishops joining a few years back.

I know that Bishop's moved to AUS, but that was likely approved to balance out the 2 most eastern conferences (RSEQ and AUS). I was talking about all Atlantic based teams and assumed that Bishop's would go back to the RSEQ in that scenario.

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AFL plays begins next weekend:

Away A. Score Home H. Score Date Time/Location
Holland Hurricanes -- UNB Saint John Seawolves -- Sat, Sept 17, 2022 1:00 p.m. @ Canada Games Stadium
UNB Fredericton Reds -- Dalhousie Tigers -- Sat, Sept 17, 2022 6:00 p.m. @ Wickwire Field

The last of our post-secondary football leagues kicks off this weekend.

Can Dalhousie repeat as Moosehead Cup champs?

The AFL website has a link to live streams of the game, but the link goes to a dead page at the moment.

Here's an old but interesting story about UNB Fredericton Red Bombers history.

Looks like there's going to be at least one live stream tomorrow:

Not sure if there will be a stream of the other game, but I'll keep an eye out for one. Their FB page says the link will be posted on gameday.

The Reds / Red Bombers have a pretty nice field, considering football is just a club team.

Found a link to the stream:

Stream starts at 1 PM EDT:

Standings After Week 1:



Games this Saturday:

Saint John (0-1) at Fredericton (0-1)
Dalhousie (1-0) at Holland (1-0)

Games have been rescheduled for Sunday.

Looks as though one game is good to go:

This weekend's matches:

Dalhousie (Halifax) Tigers (1-0) at Saint John Seawolves (0-2)

Fredericton Red Bombers (1-1) at Holland (Charlottetown) Hurricanes (1-0)

Both games will likely have free live streams.

Here's the stream for tonight. Starts at 5 PM EDT

Here's the stream, though it's already in blowout territory:

I was following the score in this one a bit last night . . . but I gave up when it was 5-2 midway through the 4th. :yawning_face: