Affirmation that hope never dies

In this, his moment of professional derailment, it is a child he remembers.

"It was a T-Ball banquet in Hamilton years ago and I was the celebrity guest. After it was over, I heard a small voice 'Mr. Evraire, can I get your card?' It was a little boy about five or six. I gave him my autographed football card and then I heard, 'Mr. Evraire, do you want to swap shirts?'

"So I took off my Tiger-Cats jersey and gave it to him, and he took off his little T-Ball jersey covered in mustard and ketchup stains, a real mess, and gave it to me. He took off his baseball cap and I saw that he was completely bald. I'd seen that look before in children and I was right -- he had cancer. Leukemia. He thanked me and was gone.

"A year later outside our dressing room after Winnipeg kicked the crap out of us I heard a voice, 'Mr. Evraire, Mr. Evraire.' It was him. The second thing I'd noticed is that he had on my same Tiger-Cat jersey and it was covered in mustard and ketchup. The first thing I'd noticed is that he had a full head of curly hair, just like my hair looked when I was a little boy."

Affirmation that hope never dies.

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Thanks for posting Ockham, great article. :thup:

Ken is one of my favourite CFL people of all time. He was my daughter's favourite Tiger-Cat for all the years we went to games together. He is obviously a man of great quality, and great qualities. He will bounce back from this setback, stronger than ever. Great article; great person.

He was definately my favourite Sports Guy on the TV, I used to watch the A Channel News every night. He had a great TV presence and just knew how to add some humour to the sportscast.
Even though Ottawa didn't have a CFL team at least Ken Evraire would always give the CFL a good plug on his sportscast. I just hope that he gets hired by CTV Ottawa or the CBC.