Do you find yourself mostly cheering for one or the other no matter the teams in the SB? Is most of your fav teams in one or the other?

I have pretty much been an AFC fan since I started getting into NFL back in about 81. The only real exception was when I cheered for Barry Sanders in Detroit. When Mervyn went to Raiders I had to cheer for them. Along came BO with more reason to cheer for Raiders. Meanwhile, there was Moon in Houston. Later, Flutie in New England, Buffalo and San Diago. As a big Flutie fan, was still too hard to cheer for chicago, specially since they didnt really play him much. Its seems that most of the ex CFL players I liked ended up in AFC teams, and most of the NFL players I liked were in AFC.

Now, I like Manning in NE (er, I mean Indy), hate Manning in NY. I like Brady and Rivers as well.

Some teams I just like for their style of play and sometimes just their name andor uniform. Like Jacksonville.

So In Summary, I have cheered for in AFC

New England
San Diago

In NFC. only


and a little bit Carolina

As of today, I have my top 4 favorite AFC teams in it, so even though I be pulling for the colts, I am happy with any

NFC on the other hand as my 3 least favorite NFC teams, and Seattle which I would like to cheer for is just too bland to get excited about.

Go colts

Manning is in Indy, Brady is in NE.

I suppose I'm an AFC fan, as well. I started watching the NFL about 5 or 6 years ago. Basketball was the first sport I got into, and then I sort of branched out after that.

My favourite team has always been Indianapolis, and my favourite player has always been Peyton Manning. I just recently bought his home jersey!

I've been accused of having a huge bias towards QB's, and it's probably true. Some of my favourite players right now are Tony Romo, Joseph Addai, Reggie Wayne, Brett Favre, and Brady Quinn. And just this morning I got all worked up when I heard Cleveland announce Anderson as their starter for 08. Quinn is getting screwed! lol

My favourite team you already know... As for other teams I cheer for, I don't know. Right now I cheer for Dallas because of Romo. That's it. I do like Jacksonville. I like them for the heart they show. When most teams play an Indy or NE, they go in with a bit of fear. But not Jacksonville. They go in fully planning on knocking Peyton or Brady on their asses. You have to admire their determination.

And occasionally I cheer for the underdogs. I was hoping Detroit would make the playoffs after starting 6-2. But then they went and finished 1-7. That was disappointing.

oops yes, of course. Thats what I get for typing too fast and thinking ahead of myself.

I've always felt that AFC games are more exciting and more interesting to watch and that NFC seems more defensive and doesn't have as many entertaining games.

That's funny because the AFC probably has the better defences. Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, New England, Indy (this season, at least), Denver (well, maybe not so much these days lol), Tennessee, etc...

Giants for life screw any ther NFC or AFC teams, Giants are going to the super bowl, Eli Manning is the bomb and he hates you FYB

well, that might explain why the stuckup puke dissed San Diago. I have only contempt for ROOKIES who say they will not play for certain teams, ala Lindros.

How is Rivers any less of an ass? Did you see him on the sidelines taunting Cutler and the Broncos? Kid needs to do some serious growing up. He has an ego the size of a Canadian field.

That being said, I'm not the biggest Eli fan, either. Not because he's an ass. Personally, I think he's a decent guy. He's just a terrible QB. :lol:

Eli is the best QB out of the 04 draft, and he will show it even more in the coming games, Giants are going to the super bowl!

They gotta get by Dallas and Green Bay first. And since Ms. Simpson won't be at the game this weekend, good luck to them. :smiley:

being the best in one yrs draft doesnt mean a hill of beans. Its more notable that on a playoff team, his passer rating of only 73.9, 25th overall, totally sucks. Who else was in the same draft anyhow.

Note that Rivers was a little better at 18th. So much for best of 04.

I think this yr, considering the NFC teams available, the perfect SB for me would be a SD slaughter of NY with Rivers the MVP and Eli the goat. Makes my mouth water.

My favorite two teams are Philly and Dallas (I dont understand how I like two NFC EAST teams with a huge rivalry either :? ...