Aeiral View from Home Opener

Lansdowne Park and TD Place at night look amazing, can't wait till it is finished. I posted this to the CFL board in the stadium thread, but thought I would add it here.

I was there and sat in the north stands and it was amazing...other than the long lineups for food and beer it was a great night.The front enterance on the Bank st side u wouldn't even regonize it compared to before....I was really blown away by the ramp and stairs walking in to give your ticket and then u look right down on the field as u get in....getting in and out of the game seemed to be a bit congested but it moved well the flow.

 They need to put the REDBLACK logo or name on the grass hills in the endzone that would add some good visual...but im sure they are still not quite finished...a lot of touch-ups to do but they met the deadline unlike some OTHER stadium down the 401 ahhh hummmm....

What do you expect for a project funded by the Liberal Government :wink:

Why does politics have to be brought up...why cant people enjoy it for what it is..look at the positives not the negatives...geez

I saw those planes up there flying around. Looks good with a full stadium. I think that must have been taken at the opening kick off. Congrats Ottawa.

Ottawa made the right move in last years draft. Knowing they had a #1 pick from the 2013 draft coming on the Oline. They traded down and got a DB in Pruneau. The attempt also was to add an expereinced center in Gott.

Thanks for the bump, faarigia.

It should look even better this year. The building in the background will be completed, for one thing. And the spindly thing at the bottom left works now. It's a light feature. I've only seen a picture of it, but I believe it changes colours in waves and such.

Crazy video it almost looks more like it's animated computer generated. In fact when I first clicked on it,that's what I thought it was. It kind of reminds me of how some of these new fangled video games that are out there from PS or X-Box look at being realistic. :cowboy: