Advice to Kwame Cavil

Kwame, you had a good game, including a great catch and run play for a TD. Yes, you showed up your old team.

But you are not a good enough player to justify all the taunting you did throughout the game, of the Ticat bench and the fans. Like your teammate, Mr. Brazzell, your results do not quite match your opinion of yourself. Ever notice you’ve bounced around the league a wee bit?

Come back when you are a top tier receiver and I’m sure your “revenge” will be that much sweeter. But if that never happens then I guess every big catch - as infrequently as they come for you - becomes something worth jumping up and down about.

Lastly, when you reach that top tier status people will be coming to you for quotes. Try to do better than this. It sounds vaguely perverted.

"It was very (satisfying), man," admitted Cavil. "To see my dogs get off and for us to get a win, it was all I envisioned before I came back -- doing stuff like that. That's all I dreamt about the night before -- how I was going to come back and do these boys."
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Cavill is a carreer backup that`s it . He was happy to kick our butts and I dont blame the man . You would feel the same way if you were in his situation .

The other question is why did Winn. get Armstrong and not us ?? Were we not in the market for a proven CFL wideout with size and great hands and NFL and CFL experiance ? My Lord , we needed him alot more than Winnepeg did . Yet we keep bringing in the small guys ??? Whats with that one anyways ???