Advice sought for TD Atlantic 2023

I don’t know if you have been to Halifax or the East Coast
It is Spectactularly Beautiful :eyes: and history that goes back to the 1700’s or even much earlier
The Bluenose is just one of thousands of Historical and Beautiful sites

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A tough sell since a stadium wouldn’t bring in much in the way of tourism and economic activity. You can sell an arena construction on the fact in can be used 365 days a year, with 40 plus hockey games and concerts etc.
Just like in Ottawa and Hamilton and other CFL stadiums, beyond the CFL there is not a lot of use. The Wanderers soccer team has a nice cozy stadium downtown and wouldn’t need a 20k plus stadium.

A year before covid, Halifax opened a $500 MILLION Convention Centre, not only conventions but office space too but from what I heard it’s been a tough sell. So the HRM and the provincial government are not about to spend money on a football stadium.

I went to go see the blue Nose… From Halifax and took in a dozen other things tourists would live to see and also saw the blue nose… Took me two days of touring to see all we saw AND. The blue nose was amazing to see close up despite the one detractor here.
It would be like going to Ottawa and refusing to see the Parliament building because it contains a politician you do not like.
Not faulting you for your choice of not liking the Blue Nose for whatever reason… But please try not say nobody should like it or that that should not see because of your say so… Especially when it is for a political based reason

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one of my old friends up island had a boat called “The Brown Nose” :joy:


Interesting that a new convention centre is struggling.

But original point was, what’s going to likely be a bigger economic driver, Blue Nose replica or stadium? What do you spend the $25M on?

And on the point, if it was planned better, they could have integrated the new convention centre with the stadium.

The entire project would probably have been much more viable that way.

I once knew a guy who had a boat called “Cirrhosis of the River” :beers: :grinning:


Any official l brown nose tours… Could be a west coast icon :wink:

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we used to go “brown nosing” (prawn fishing) every saturday morning. i used to have a boat too. called Waterbug lol. fiberglass flatbotton speedboat with a 110hp evinrude. didn’t even need a trailer because had mooring at the local dock. island life is fun :slight_smile:


The HRM had already approved $20 MILLION for a stadium just before covid. The $20 MILLION would only go towards the site preparation. Four years later it’s likely that with inflation site prep would be a lot more than that.

So I would say that $25 MILLION for the replica Blue Nose would be a bigger economic driver. The $25m for a stadium site would go to buying the land and prepping it and that may involve a few construction workers

On a rainy day the Maritime Museum is a great way to spend time. They have awesome permanent exhibits about the Titanic and the Halifax Explosion or visit the oldest surviving warship in Canada. For people really interested in what Atlantic Canada is all about a must see.


Harbour Hopper Tour is a must.


Or the Casino on a rainy day, not too many cities have a downtown casino

Or a walk along the boardwalk from the ferry terminal to the train station Pier 21, then over to Point Pleasant park

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Deep Sea Fishing for 150.00


Will be making the trip into Moncton and then Halifax to watch the game.

Hope to walk the ocean floor at Hopewell rocks or one of those places and see Lunenburg and Peggy’s Cove of course. Might also catch the tidal bore (twice on one day right?)

Anyone else with ideas for sights to see/things to do/places to eat or check out.

Much appreciated!

Where is the oldest surviving warship?

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Know your history…I do you don’t. I am old enough to know it was a replica and what the blue Nose original or replica means to Canada.
As for the tax shit… I know people who are pissed because public libraries are getting tax dollars … I also know people who are even more pissed we spend tax dollars on poor people as they feel those people actually deserve to starve to death if they cannot contribute to society… Give yer head a big shake and put shit into proper perspective

That’s great that you know history, but others might not.

Not talking about public libraries here…I am a Bluenoser and if you ask any Bluenoser about this, chances are you’re going to find out that the restoration project was a financial disaster.

Nothing against the Bluenose II, it’s a nice schooner and yes, I have been on it.

Sorry you don’t like that, but it is what it is.

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The Sackville is moored right behind the Maritime Museum, you will be taken aboard if you do a curated visit of the museum (no extra charge). Enjoy our city.

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And I’m sure that many are pissed that Halifax and the province spent $500 MILLION on a world class Convention Centre that was supposed to create jobs and revenue and attract conventions that would bring in people from all over the world and spend money in hotels, restaurants etc.
They built office and retail space in the convention centre but they haven’t leased space. It’s a financial disaster

I can understand why taxpayers and politicians would be reluctant to spend hundreds of millions on a CFL stadium that would only be used 9 or 10 times a year.

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Grab some lobster rolls and go watch the sunset at Fisherman’s Cove in Eastern Passage. (Dartmouth)

The traditional Steak and eggs breakfast with a Keith’s Drought at the Mic Mac Bar and Grill. A local tradition.

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