Advice Please

Does anyone know if I can do anything about a guy who sits next to me at Lions games that is pretty big and he’s practically in my seat. Not only that, he’s smells pretty bad, he passes gas all the time, he annoys the hell out of me by talking to me about nothing. I think he’s a pervert, he gets way too excited about the cheerleaders.

Am I wrong to contact the Lions reps? I can respect a guy being a little heavier but it’s all the other stuff about him that bugs me.

…the front office should be able to accomodate you to new seats, but they’ll either be a lateral move or a downgrade…lol, you never know what you’ll get eh?..I have women all around my seats…before you get any ideas the average age of my neighbours is about 55, cripes, I feel like a young’un…

maybe some of those women need to try out for QB in Calgary…they sure could use the help

R& W…After the Cougars are you? LOL

Lionbacker: Front office should help you out.

In the 80’s & 90’s when I lived in the Lower Mainlad I had season tickets our first year, and we had a couple of “Questionable Charecters” take seats beside us. Don’t get me wrong, A couple beers during the game is okay, but these guys would drink DOZENS and DOZENS and get pretty rude with the kids around us. BC Place Security was a joke, so the Lions office moved us one section over. WOW what a great section. Great people, good fans. Good time by all.

Explain your situation to the Lions office. I’m sure they’ll help you out!

I like my seats so unless they move me to better seats, the big dude should move. he’s a single season’s ticket holder. I’ve had my seats for the past 6 years.

I’ll give the Lions a call. Thanks.