Advice please, from a Bomber fan

Okay fellow posters, here's my situation.
I've been living in Victoria for the past 14 years, but as a native Winnipegger, I've never forsaken the Big Blue.

Now, here I am, a British Columbian with Winnipeg roots, who will be moving to Saskatoon this winter because of work committments. Talk about confusion.

I've scouted out Saskatoon and actually really love the city. Problem though: it's like every second house flies a Rider flag on the flagpole. Rider Pride and all that. Myself, I like to fly my Bomber flag and have been doing so for years without a hassle (this is Victoria after all).

My question: what's the etiquette for this? Can I continue to fly the Bomber flag in the middle of Saskatoon, or is that just an act of self-destruction?
Perhaps I can get away with it when the Bombers are playing against teams not wearing green and white?

As you can see, I have Big Problems on my hands. All advice is gratefully accepted.

Simple. Talk to your neighbours. Let them know you are a Bomber fan and that you like to show your pride. If they aren't big football fans, they won't care what you do. If they are football fans, they should welcome the friendly rivalry. There are jerks everywhere but for the most part, they will just see it as something fun.

My first advice, as soon as I saw your topic title, find another team to cheer for.

But seriously, you should feel free to fly your flag anywhere, at least in Canada.

Show your true colors! Don't hide your pride and be true to yourself. Saskatoons a great city and the people there will treat you right. I know I once lived there.

Excellent advice people. Thanks so much.

fly the flag with pride. the thing about Canada is we understadn rivalry and to a point have respect for someone else willing to stay true to his team although they might beleive in a different team.

Spray paint a little orange on the Blue and Gold and you are good to go.

I'm sorry you have to move there from Victoria. Can't you convince work that you don't want to move to Sask?

I think it's okay to show your colors everywhere.

It's not the N.F.L, it's not a crime to show love for another team.

On the other hand, I have never been to Saskatchewan, I can tell they love their football.

Talk about bad luck. Your company must hate you.
Wow a bomber fan thats bad enough being forced to move to Saskatchewan.

as a bomber fan I say put up that flag. It shows that your a true bomber fan. Do you see a rider flag in winnipeg? no There is not a single flag to show that they are brave all they can do is put up a flag in their home town.

Cowards i say.