Advice Needed

I am driving up all the way from Springfield Ohio, ( college town of Ron Lancaster) to see the game on Thur--I need advice on a decent place to eat dinner, and a decent place to eat breakfast on Fri morning, also any suggestions on a hotel to stay at--Let me know of any ideas--I,ll check any responses before I leave EARLY Thur morning--Thanks in advance and GO TiCats

Dinner there are a lot of good places that I'm sure others will reccomend.

For breakfast I would recommend Your Place restaurant on Main West or The Westown on Locke St.

Hey Springfield O,

Google in City of Hamilton...go to bottom right of page and click on "tourism"....from there go to "hotels and motels"....there you will see the
Courtyard By Marriot Hamilton Mountain
1224 Upper James St.
Hamilton Ont.
905 383 7772

Also up the road from there on Upper James St. is a really good breakfast restaurant called "The Egg and I". All along this road there are many places for dinner or lunch.

regards....enjoy the game :cowboy:

This hotel is nice. ... -hamilton/
Its on Upper James, which gives you a huge selection of dinner and breakfast locations. The hotel also has a buffet breakfast if you want to have breakfast there.

Hotel to Ivor Wynne Stadium:

[url=,-79.85836&sspn=0.055279,0.10643&ie=UTF8&z=13] ... =UTF8&z=13[/url]

Springfield Ohio to Hotel:

[url=,-89.472656&sspn=29.968216,54.492188&ie=UTF8&z=7] ... e=UTF8&z=7[/url]

If you are just looking for accomodations for the night and "road house" type grub, you might want to think about staying on Centennial Pkwy. It is off the QEW which you will be taking from Niagara Falls anyway and about 15 mins from the stadium. You can get out of town the next day without hitting any traffic jams as well. There are a couple of typical hotels (Holiday Inn for one) and several roadhouses, like Malarkeys, Jack Astors, Crabby Joes just across and up the street.

Good suggestion. That's where I would stay, if I was from outta town. Reasonable price, new rooms, great eating all down Upper James. If you are looking for a steak dinner. Than hit up the Keg, it's about 1.5 minutes from the hotel on Upper James.

Anybody else think that this topic should be a sticky on all the team chat sites? There are lots of guys like SpringfieldOH and myself who are out-of-towners and want to know the best places to go for the pre-game warm up, where to stay, where to eat, the best tail-gate parties.
Enjoy your trip.

Has anyone out there ever tried or other type sites...

[url=] ... 622344.ece[/url]

You stay free at people's houses. You sign up and find people with interests like yours.

It would be neat if CFL fans across the country signed up.

First time I've ever heard of these kind of sites. Great idea.

Here's a listing of availabilities Thursday, although I have no idea how accurate this website is:

Click here

Staybridge Suites is downtown and pretty new, and probably the closest to the stadium. There's several nice restaurants nearby on King Street between Caroline and Queen (Mexican, Japanese/Korean, Lebanese), plus a bunch of places in Hess Village. And according to the link above they have complimentary breakfast.

Directions from Staybridge to Stadium

The next two closest to the stadium would be the Holiday Inn Express and the Comfort Inn, both on Centennial Parkway.
Jack Astors, Crabby Joes, and Kelseys are all nearby for dinner.

Directions from Holiday Inn to Stadium
(Directions from Comfort Inn are similar)

If you are coming to hamilton for a cats game you have got to go to the Attic for their pizza, the resturaunt is all about the cats and i know a lot of the players used to frequent it after their games as well.

I would recommend staying at the Travelodge in Burlington.

It's a clean, reasonably priced hotel, on the Lake. You simply can't beat the view... plus it's within walking distance to some great restaurants. Furthermore, it's a 10 minute drive to the park.

The next morning, I would suggest you dine at Benny's Deli, which is right across the street from the hotel.

Cant go wrong with Swiss Chalet for dinner, half chicken platter mmm mmm.

If you are coming to the game don't go out for dinner. Get to the game at around 5-5:30 look for the Box J Boys or the Box Eh Men and they will hook you up with some grub. Stop at the beer store... yes I said a beer store or liqour store because apparently we haven't quite caught on yet about selling beer in convience stores! We'll give you a cup or 2. As for breakfast there are some good suggestions on here but google the egg and I for there locations depending on where you end up staying. Safe drive and go Cats go!

Not according to the maps provided by some other posters. He should be coming in from the 403 Windsor way.

Breakfast = The Westown on Locke St.



The Village Restaurant ( Spanish Omelette)

CaptKirk: sure enough, just checked and it does show that way. I would sooner come up from Columbus to the I90 and over to Buffalo myself. Anything to avoid the 401 from Windsor to here. About the same in distance give or take A few clicks.


That London to Windsor stretch is the most torturous drive in North America!