Advice for the Als

Next year STFU!

Solid advice :thup:

Tuco said it best:

Says it all.

Here's my advice to the Allwets du Montreal...

A little less tweeting and a little more film work...

To the Als, next time bring your game and leave your big mouths at home.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

The Als were totally outclassed and outmanned in this one. Go home big mouth Als where you belong, home. :stuck_out_tongue:

ha ha ha ha !

Nah. I won't take away from the cats like that. They coulda came into this game as quite as a church mouse and still woulda got crushed.

One must approach this game with humility and the utmost respect for your opposition and their abilities, and an healthy desire to surpass your foe, expecting that he will do the same. Failing to do so can only lead to complacency and fuel your opponent’s will to train and play harder, which in turn leads to defeat. I hope Bear Woods and Duron Carter learn from this meal of crow, for the betterment of the Al’s franchise and the league as a whole.

They have some learning to do in Als land, that’s for sure. They got beat handily. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well said Hammer.

Congratulations on the well deserved win and good luck in the GC game.

Next time Tweety Birds may I suggest that you.........................

They're still talking

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Carter just doesn't get his selfishness and I'm sure his teammates aren't finding him so amusing as they're cleaning out their lockers today. So sad for them.

S J Green showed up yesterday, but the rest of his team did not, including Carter. Don't understand how he could be so proud of a team that failed to bring their game twice in a row on such important days.

Remember, Green, it's a TEAM game. It's not just about you.

No, we don't need your over inflated self worth here in Hamilton. Keep it there and we'll keep passing you on the way to the cup.

hi Old fan. With all due respect. The bolded part takes away everything what our team did yesterday. They absolutely showed up to play but they we kicked their asses!!

I totally understand what you're saying. I would not intend to take anything away from what the Tiger Cats did yesterday. My point was that Green thinks himself as the difference maker and the game, and for all he did, it was not nearly enough.

I am so proud of this Hamilton Tiger Cat TEAM.


They still haven't learned, apparently:

Scott Stinson @scott_stinson · 37m 37 minutes ago
There was trash-talking in the elevator to the locker room last night between Als and TiCats staff, which made the ride unexpectedly tense.

Scott Stinson @scott_stinson · 37m 37 minutes ago
Als staffer: 'Calgary is going to kill you guys'
Ticats staffer: 'Enjoy your trip home.'
It was a pretty good comeback.