Advice for Grey Cup

I need some help. I am currently working on finalizing my plans for Grey Cup this year and I need to know about location. Last year in Montreal we went on the cheap side and ended up spending more money on cabs because we were so far away from the action.

That being said, to anyone from Calgary or who has been there for a Grey Cup before; where should we stay? Downtown? West Side? South? Any help is greatly appreciated.

In my expirience (10 cups) it is always best to be staying closer to the action. Taking Cabs suck. I like to be able to walk to the different venues. In the case of this year almost all of the action will be at the Convention centre so I would recommend staying close to downtown, or Close to the LRT. My group is staying at the downtown Sandman. It was $208 a room/night. 7 blocks from the centre and one from the LRT.

You are going to be spending the money anyways, you might as well be close to the action.

Downtown is the best choice, but pricy. If cost is not an option, go for the Westin, Marriott, Delta or Hyatt. All of these are close to the action. If you want to go cheap yet stay in the core, go for the Calgary Hostel, right on the LRT and within walking distance of all the action. You can also look at Motel Village, across the street from the stadium and on the LRT line which goes downtown.

If you're from Toronto and want to be reminded of home, try the Cecil. :cowboy: :twisted: :lol:

As mentioned before, Motel Village (several hotels and motels in that area) is near McMahon stadium and the University of Calgary. There is an LRT (light rail transit) line right on the doorstep from there which goes downtown. Also anything along Macleod Trail South is within walking distance of the LRT line too. Transit ticket price is $2.50, or a 10 pack for $23.00 ($2.30 a piece). MUCH cheaper than cabs which are quite pricey here. Most of the Grey Cup events and parties will be in the downtown area. If you are going to stay downtown or elsewhere away from Motel village, you will want to take the LRT from downtown or a park-n-ride lot to the game anyway since it's a zoo for finding parking near the stadium on games days. With 40,000+ expected, it will be even worse than even a normal sold out game like Labour Day.

Cheapest motels/hotels are mainly on the west side of Calgary along the Trans Canada highway leading out of town toward Banff. Only bus service is available here though, although I believe there is a direct transit bus to downtown from there. Hostel downtown is an option, although that is probably mainly dorm rooms. Not sure if they have many, if any at all, private rooms available there.

As any Calgarian knows, it's too bad the city shutdown the Cecil hotel this spring. That would have been an experience in itself if you stayed there!! :o - Calgary transit website

I agree. It is good to be downtown close to the action. A ton of fans are at the Sandman including our group.

Thanks for all the help, and no I am not from Toronto and I would appreciate an apology. What about the 5 Calgary Downtown Suites? The Sandman is booked solid.