Advice for fans coming from Hamilton

Does anyone have any advice for fans coming to Percival Stadium for the first time, aside from the obvious jabs.

What are some good places to eat around the stadium? We are heading down for 4 days leaving tomorrow morning.
Anything interesting going on in Montreal this weekend?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Heres Peter Dyakowskys guide:

[url=] ... o-montreal[/url]

Schwartzs (on St. Laurent Blvd.) twice in the same day! No wonder hes the smartest man in Canada.

Another old favorite with visitors is the Bar B Barn on Guy St. for ribs and chicken.

I`m sure others will have more suggestions. Enjoy your visit except for you know what!

And ONLY BBQ chicken and ribs as main dishs; but what chicken and ribs they are. But don't wear your good clothes, it is messy if you eat it properly.

I have only ever been to the one in Old Montreal, but a place I find neat for lunches is called Soup Soup: [url][/url]. Simple but good.

If you are in the mood to see some of the countryside, there is a good restaurant just off the 40/417 (highway to Ottawa) in Hudson called Mon Village: [url][/url]. I highly recommend the French Onion soup and the steaks. Its about 30-40 minutes from the Bell Centre.

There is also Montanna's/Hurley's-ish place with great in-house beer called Les Trois Brasseurs: [url][/url]

And I don't even live in Montreal.
Good eats!!!!!

Sechuan :

Le Pavillon Nanpic


Français :

Le Fourquet Fourchette :


Le Paris-Beurre (Mile End)


Crêperie Ty-Breiz (Plateau Mont-Royal)


Le Paris


Bistro 1843


Japonnais :





Afrique du Nord

Au coin berbère

[url]Au Coin Berbere Couscous Montreal - Restaurant Cuisine Couscous Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, Montréal




Pub irlandais

Vieux Dublin







Las Palmas


If you or the girls are in the mood for some shopping. My favorite Jeans store is in Montreal. Ask for Leroy