Advice for a fan from Baltimore

Hey Ti-cat fans,

I'm toying with the idea of making a long weekend of driving up from Baltimore to see the Tiger-Cats play on July 7 or 14 (against Toronto or Montreal).

I haven't been to a CFL game since the Stallions moved to Montreal and I suppose I've got an itch to see a CFL game live again (12 year itch?).

Any advice?

Anyone try taking 2 and 4 year olds to the family section of the stadium? How'd it go?


The family section is a really good section for kids. I think they'd enjoy it. I'd go with the 7th if I were you because the atmosphere is better when we play against the Argos. The Cats' Claws fan club does face painting under the stands every game and there's a pre-game party where the kids could see TC and Stripes. It's a really good time.

I'd go for the Montreal game with family in tow. As stated the atmosphere is quite different when the Argos are in town. Sadly alcohol and testosterone are far more prevalent for the Argos game. There are lots of things to do in the area and it might be a good idea to spend a week in Southern Ontario using Hamilton as your base. We are centrally located between Naigara Falss and Toronto and our prices are much more reasonable

Lets hope all games are sold out and wild...except in the family zone

We sit in the zone. Lots of people with kids and nobody there minds if small knees knock againt your back once in a while.

If they are old enough to get excited by the T-shirt cannon then try to get row m or below- occasionally they get as high as S but rarely.

As well as the places mentioned, kids like the Lion Safari drive-thru park with the petting stations and all (not the lions!).

Why not take in the CFL Hall of Fame too. Admission is peanuts and it's located in downtown Hamilton too.

An Argo fan

Geoff, are you part of Chip's group?


The Baltimore-Hamilton drive is a breeze, Easily done for a weekend game and back. I'd highly recommend it.

have a safe drive up and enjoy yourself!

From someone who has a 2 and 4 year old, you will have few problems if any in the family section, or for that matter most section in the stadium.

If you haven't been to Ivor Wynn Stadium, you'll love it. It's nice and small with great site vantages from all seats, so don't worry about where you are sitting. Make sure you have good directions, as the stadium in buried in the middle of neighbourhood a few blocks from the steel mills. If you show up an hour and a half before game time, you can park for free on the street a couple of blocks away from the stadium.

You should note that both of these games start at 7:00 pm. I find this to be a little late for my guys, but everyone's kids are a little different when it comes to sleeping, and staying up late.

Hey, I live in Hamilton and did the drive to Baltimore in 1994 to watch a Stallions/Ti-Cat game.

If by any chance you happen to know "Baltimore Joe" - he still comes to CFL games every season (often in Hamilton), and comes to the Grey Cup, I'm sure he would have some pointers for you.

Hello there GeoffC90,

You would be a most welcome addition to either of the two games you are thinking about attending. There is a more heated rivalry against the Toronto ArgoSnots than there is against Montreal. It would be great for you to teach your 2 young ones "the "Banned Chant" since it is part of Tigercat folklore.

Football aside, there are a virtual ton of things for you to do within a 1 hour radius around Hamilton since we are central to what is refered to in Ontario as "the Golden Horseshoe" area (which is our version of your the Bos-NY-Wash megalopoulis). Marineland, African Lion Safari, Toronto Zoo, Ontario Place, Toronto Blow Jays (at home the weekend of the 7th) to name just a few.

I will have definately 2 seasons tickets this year in 30A and possibly 4 and have always had spare tickets left over (by the end of the year 26 2 years ago and 9 last year) which can be redeemed for other tickets to subsequent games. I expect that by the dates you mention I will have at least 4 if not more in the bank to be traded in and as I did with a couple from Germany last year, they will be yours at no cost for the asking. Consider this offer good old Canadian generousity for someone who is still interested in our game. Private message me closer to the date and I will confirm the tickets.

Cheers and welcome to Hamilton

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Thanks for all the enthusiastic responses and helpful tips. :smiley:

Randy (ALNCRAC) -- Not sure what 'the Banned Chant' is, but it sounds a bit mischievous. :wink: And, thanks, I appreciate the warm welcome and more than generous offer.

jonesie -- Good point about keeping the kids up -- games will be ending around 10 (which is bad enough) and then there is the long walk and finding our way back to wherever we're staying. Could be a bad idea... I'll have to give this some thought.

And, no, I don't know Chip or Baltimore Joe, but I assume these guys are old Stallions fans who make the trip up to Canada from time to time?

Argos $uck.

I'd go to the Montreal game in Hamilton on the 14th because it gives you the possibility of also attending the Calgary at Toronto game on Thurs the 12th.

Downtown Toronto is only a 45 minute drive from Hamilton.

Tickets are cheap enough to do two games.

sat in the section once with my 7yr old never do it again.Attendant was very rude!!!

What did the attendant do?