Advertising revenue

I understand that advertising revenue is very important but management must know where to draw the line.
I am refering to the anouncement at last nights game that the "Primus Sticks" are being brought in. Every time I heard the statement over the PA I cringed. Lets not compromise the game with this kind of thing. How long will it be before we hear that the kicker has "split the Burger King Uprights".

It could be worse.

How about the parts of the field you mentioned in your last sentence being brought to you by an "escort" agency?

:lol: :lol: :? :lol: :lol:

Some changes are my suggestion many months ago to change the name to "Primus Field at Ivor Wynne Sports Complex"....

And "Brian Timmis Field at Ivor Wynne Sports Complex"

This still honours the two men but gets a major sponsor involved in the naming rights.......(I used Primus as an example)

I know my reply is a bit of a tough sell given our results, but if this team were 11-3 instead of 3-11 we'd all be thanking these sponsors for the advertising dollars that allowed us to bring in the free agents.

Well... in spite of the results, it was to a large degree these dollars that allowed us to make the many changes that we did and will allow us to make more changes this coming off season. So long as the money keeps coming we can keep on trying to crack the formula.

Someone call Burger King about the uprights! While we're at it, now that we've re-found the end zone, how about... this TD celebration is brought to you by Maple Leaf Top Dogs!